Get Glowy and Cute as a little Fair. We are glad and thrilled to welcome Petitfeè, French for “Tiny Fair”, the new K-beauty brand  committed to deliver the “clear,” “clean,” and “pure” qualities of a tiny fairy to your skin.

Petitfeè products focus on intensive research on beautiful skin. The secret for its products’ success  lies on Hydrogel, also known as “water pocket” that is here combined with gold and the luxurious organic ingredients to deliver a strong moisturizing and soothing effect. For a fairy tale-like young healthy look. 



Sweet and pure from its own description that’s what the brand states:

“Petitfeè comes from forests with clear spring water, where small fires live. Petit few aims to make your skin as pure and clean as a fairy’s skin.”

Ever heard of free radicals and oxidation process? Basically, if the flux of plus and minus ion that run inside human body is one-sided, it harms skin health and fresh young look. That’s when pure gold comes into hand. It contributes normalizing the ion movement, acting as an activator of the skin’s physiologic function. Should you be interested in understanding the link between oxidation, collagen production and anti-age, make sure to check out Miloon’s guide to anti-aging.



Gold, combined to other organic ingredients like Gold, Aloe extract, Ginseng extract, Caviar extract, Green tea extract make these essence of water-soluble patch to permeate into skin. Once applied you’ll be able to witness this as you can seem getting thinner as time goes by.

After cleansing, adjust skin with toner. Then take out of patch with a built in spoon and fit a patch to the eye or spot. Keep the patching place for 30 mins and pat the face to increase the absorption. Moreover, you can melt the used patch in warm water and use for cleansing or body treatment.

And that’s all. The magic has just happened. You have now turned into a young, shiny little fairy.