Removing blackheads from the face is one of the main ambitions of those who turn to Korean cosmetics, as these are perhaps the most common skin blemishes. These are particularly problematic because in addition to undermining our safety and appearance, they can lead to infections if they are not properly removed.

Open comedones, this is the technical name for blackheads, are concentrated in areas where the sebaceous glands are most abundant such as the nose or cheeks and are named after the excess sebum that is nothing more than a black spot. If blackheads are not properly treated, the risk is that this generates inflammation leading to more serious problems such as acne. Do you have a nose dotted with blackheads? What’s more, do these blackheads look like giant blackheads? No problem, Miloon Korean cosmetics is here to help.

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BENTON – Deep Green Tea Cleansing Foam 120ml


Probably the first and most important method of eliminating blackheads, large or small, is to avoid infection by concentrating on deep cleansing through the fundamental steps of cleansing, exfoliation and toner. But that is not all.
But also using light moisturisers and creams against blackheads is always advisable to ensure that the skin always breathes properly. Last but not least, how to remove blackheads without crushing them is to resort to express solutions such as anti-blackhead patches and face masks. On Miloon you will find a wide range of purifying face masks based on natural astringent ingredients such as activated charcoal, centella asiatica, tea tree or the practical anti-blackhead patches that get rid of blackheads in no time. As they say – try it to believe it.