Water Based Cleaners

The water-based cleanser is the second step in the Korean skin care routine. Also called a foaming cleanser, this important Korean cosmetic follows the action of the oily cleanser and serves to rid the pores deep down of water-based debris. This completes the cleansing of the skin and ensures that the nourishing principles of subsequent products reach deep into the skin. In fact, the physical principle behind the water-based cleanser is that “only water removes water,” meaning that only a water-based cleanser can remove water-soluble debris that accumulates on the skin such as, for example, sweat, dust. But let’s move on to how to choose the perfect Korean cleanser. Start by filtering out cosmetics that are suitable for your skin type, such as sensitive skin and containing ingredients that will allow you to achieve your intended goals such as eliminating blackheads or fighting acne, while also working on ways to increase skin radiance or cleansing ingredients that will allow you to achieve a more radiant texture.

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BENTON – Deep Green Tea Cleansing Foam 120ml