Excessive sebum production is a common feature of oily and combination skin, which can extend to the entire face or, in the latter case, exclusively to the T-zone that includes the forehead nose and chin areas. Korean cosmetics offer so many solutions for problems related to excessive oiliness of the skin because it is not certain that at certain times of life the regulation of skin oiliness cannot also become a problem for dry and sensitive skin due to seasonal or hormonal changes or simply stress that causes upheaval of the skin barrier. Excess sebum becomes a real threat from the moment it can infect the skin follicle and generate pimples, acne, blackheads and blackheads. These are not mere blemishes but painful skin issues that can bring more serious consequences. But don’t despair. Whether your skin is oily, combination or is temporarily in this situation, Korean cosmetics can solve this kind of condition.

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BENTON – Deep Green Tea Cleansing Foam 120ml


Thanks to natural ingredients such as tea tree, clay, zinc, exfoliating acids AHA, BHA and PHA, commonly intended for impure skin and is solved by resorting to the best Korean oily cleansers against excessive sebum production such as oily cleansers and foaming cleansers, as well as facial toners perfect for balancing the skin barrier and light moisturizers that deeply hydrate the skin but do not grease and act without drying the skin so much that it overcompensates. At Miloon you’ll find everything you need to take care of excessive sebum production and regulate it over time through disinfecting treatments and timeless techniques such as double cleansing that ensure skin is always clean, healthy and therefore glowing.