Anti Aging

Anti Aging, Anti Aging, Anti Wrinkle… Time is no threat to Miloon’s K beauty. Although there are so many terms for the blemishes of the signs of aging, there is one and only one terrible truth. We all hate wrinkles and fine lines because they are evidence of our inexorable aging. This wasting is a problem that afflicts all skin types, but it is felt most on dry skin, which is naturally less rich in humectants and moisturizers. But fortunately, Miloon’s Korean cosmetics brings you the best moisturizing creams and gels, serums and facial ampoules, masks and patches made from natural anti-oxidant and extra moisturizing ingredients. These prodigious Korean cosmetics counteract tissue degeneration and decay, offering a strong lifting effect and marked plumping action. With Miloon’s largest offering of Korean products, can you finally send back the clock?

BEAUTY OF JOSEON – Revive Eye Serum : Ginseng + Retinal 30ml

Original price was: 20,50€.Current price is: 18,45€.
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BENTON – Deep Green Tea Serum 30ml

Original price was: 20,00€.Current price is: 18,00€.
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BENTON – Fermentation Essence 100ml

Original price was: 29,99€.Current price is: 25,49€.