Did someone say SOS Skin Irritation? Then you are in the right place. Indeed, skin irritation is that problem that can embarrass us because it undermines our appearance – but the aesthetic aspect is only secondary. In fact, desquamated areas form on our skin where red, dry patches form that cause itching, burn and can turn into blisters and boils. Those with sensitive skin or skin prone to dryness will be more prone to developing such skin redness, although it must be said that all skin types can develop redness and irritation due to changes in our bodies at different stages of life, due to conditions in the environment in which we live or due to habits we adopt.

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BEAUTY OF JOSEON – Green Tea Calming Serum: Green tea + Phanthenol 30ml

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BENTON – Aloe Soothing Mask Pack

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It must be said that skin irritation is never a good sign. Whether it is due to totally safe practices such as exfoliation or hair removal, or to predictable factors such as exposure to sunlight, this skin problem should not be taken lightly. Skin reddening clearly shows that a viral or bacterial infection of the skin is in progress, which could be linked to pathologies such as rosacea, or to irritations, intolerances.  But if you just typed ‘irritated skin remedies’ into Google, we can help you. Let yourself be guided through the sea of specific natural products and ingredients that Korean cosmetics have been making available to you for thousands of years. Top ingredients such as centella asiatica, rose extract, liquorice, propolis. Browse the largest range of Korean cosmetics and get ready for a new feeling of perfect skin.