Cleansing is one of the most important steps, in fact, the Korean Beauty Routine is based on the double cleansing method, a practice that prepares the skin for the next steps of facial care.

Start by removing makeup with a cleansing oil or Balm. Massage the face, to increase circulation and achieve a brighter and firmer skin.

Exfoliation is the process of removing dead skin cells so that the freshest ones remain on the surface.
Exfoliation makes your skin look smoother and more radiant. In addition, the exfoliation process frees the pores of all impurities and oily and saucy substances much more easily, so that your skin is ready to face a full day or to rest at most during the night, if practiced before going to sleep.

During the restoration of the pH balance of the skin, toner helps to remove pollutants and cleanser residues. The toner soothes the skin and prepares it to absorb the product of the next step: the essence.

There are many options to choose from: from the simplest to the most structured and complex.

Essence is the most important step for every Korean woman, yet this step still remains a mystery for Western culture. Composed of higher doses of active ingredients, the essence has the purpose of sending them deep into the skin, followed by many other natural extracts to leave a feeling of instant hydration and comfort. The essence balances the pH of the skin once it has been deprived of the oils; this is the step that serves to make you feel reborn.
By working on your skin at a cellular level, the essence helps you achieve smoother and brighter skin.

Masks are the latest trend in the West from Korea. It is a bi-weekly ritual, although the actual frequency of use depends basically on the skin type. The secret of the ever-growing popularity of sheet masks is really simple: their effectiveness is amplified by the fact that they push the skin to absorb nutrients and moisture in a more decisive way than when you apply a cream or serum, because with the mask the product has less chance of evaporating.
Depending on your skin type or desired effect, you can choose from a wide range of masks. Try the ingredients and active ingredients that work best for you, so that you are always ahead in the world of beauty masks.

This product category contains a complex blend of agents that help to retain water in the skin, making the epidermis even softer and more flexible. While increasing skin hydration, these products have been specifically developed to reduce skin evaporation: they are found in cream form or in the lighter version, as an emulsion.

Korean women have a very complicated relationship with the sun. In fact, from an early age, they are taught to avoid it, as it is potentially harmful to their skin’s youth. In fact, prolonged exposure to the sun can dry out the dermis, leading to the formation of many small unsightly brown spots. Science also agrees: the sun is the number one cause of skin aging because UV rays destroy collagen by drying it out, leading to the formation of skin cancer. Changing the degree of SPF during the hours of the day best prepares the skin to protect itself from harmful sun rays, helping it to maintain its natural elasticity.