Why is PLODICA the best possible version of Korean cosmetics? Simple. PLODICA is vegan, functional, gluten free Korean cosmetics with a glam spirit. Korean cosmetic technology rediscovers the power of the Ara Lotus plant, whose seeds have been germinating for as long as 760 years, to create A760, a complex designed to exponentially enhance the already high natural benefits of this plant for the skin. From improving radiance and skin tone to reducing wrinkles-no problem is impossible with PLODICA’s K Beauty.

Vegan, Clean, PLODICA’s K Beauty is Pure Botanical.

Celebrating and maintaining the balance of harmony between humans and the environment through a Korean cosmetics line inspired by the dictates of Clean Beauty: that is PLODICA’s mission.

PLODICA honors its mantra through relentless botanical research, which has enshrined its rightful entry into the Olympus of the best Korean cosmetics brands, despite its young age.

PLODICA products are 100 percent vegan, and gluten-free, rich in potent active ingredients obtained from Korean botanical species celebrated for their cosmetic superpowers. 

Sustainability according to Plodica: Green Certified Products.

PLODICA meets the strictest standards, so it has been certified by Eve Vegan in France or the prestigious Derma Test class of excellence in Germany.

PLODICA products contain no plastic microbeads and are packaged in an environmentally friendly way. Because the well-being of the skin cannot fail to pass through that of the environment.