Enlarged pores on the face are a problem generally typical of oily or combination skin that can greatly affect the appearance of our skin, the texture of which becomes less even and more porous.

Enlarged pores consist of more visible pores due to the increased circumference associated with the accumulation of sebum inside them. If you are wondering what the causes of enlarged pores are, the answer is: very numerous. Genetic or hormonal causes are definitely at the top. But sometimes enlarged pores are a natural reaction of dehydrated skin that produces extra sebum to regulate itself. But fortunately, Korean cosmetics offer a wide parterre of dermatological remedies for enlarged pores. First, choose the best cleansers, followed by a toner for enlarged pores based on AHA, BHA and PHA acids.

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BENTON – Deep Green Tea Cleansing Foam 120ml


And then Korean cosmetics abound with miracle creams for enlarged pores, with the best natural astringent and purifying ingredients ever such as mallow, activated charcoal, liquorice. And if the texture of the face is still uneven, there is nothing better than a purifying mask or patches that rebalance enlarged pores on the nose and face. For a moment of relaxation all your own that makes your skin beautiful and your pores fantastic.