K BEAUTY 101: Everything You Need To Know About Korean Sheet masks.



Korean sheet masks are effective, practical and fun. Everybody loves them. Sheet-masks have been the largest transmission vehicle for Korean cosmetics in the world, together with wasp poison and snail drool. Given their ability to combine natural nutrients from traditional Asian medicine to the latest technologies to enhance its effectiveness, sheet masks phenomenon cross pollinated lifestyle realm from beauty  and can not now be ignored anymore. But how much do we know about this fantastic ritual that is able to give us perfect skin and inner peace? The second installment of K-Beauty 101 is aimed at better understand what they are and how we can make the most out of their effectiveness.

Korean Sheet masks: What Are They?

Korean sheet masks are the vehicle for the success of K-Beauty in the world because they are really effective and practical. A fabric mask consists of a cloth soaked in ingredients that are good for the skin. These are express and enhanced skincare solutions. Sheet masks concentrate different steps of the Korean Beauty Routine, usually those of the application of serums, ampoules and essences. The design and characteristics with which the sheet masks are designed enhance their effectiveness, because they make the skin absorb it better. But there’s more: faithful to the precepts of Asian philosophy, sheet masks represent a ritual of purification in which physical and mental well-being come together. They are part of a moment in which relaxation and meditation come together for a greater good.

Korean Sheet masks: What Are They For?

As we wrote in the K-Beauty miloon guide dedicated to sheet masks, there are various goals that can be achieved with sheet-masks. However, these can be grouped into three macro groups according to their ultimate purpose: purifying the skin, contrasting the signs of time, amplifying the skin’s radiance.

Purify the skin: Through a deep cleansing, act on all those annoying and unsightly skin defects such as rashes and inflammations, blackheads, oiliness and excess sebum.

Fight the Signs of Time: fight skin problems specifically related to age with masks with nourishing, firming effect to prevent and reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

Amplify the Radiance of the Skin: for a radiant, healthy, radiant skin, with a uniform tone, which embodies the ideal to which every respectable beauty regime should tend to.

How do Korean Sheet masks work?

Perhaps not everyone knows that sheet masks use transdermal technology, a technology initially developed for the treatment of burns and wounds. In fact, by allowing the ingredients to melt best in the skin, it avoids annoying rubbing or unwanted contact. In addition, the fabric that makes up the mask, prevents the beneficial substances to evaporate quickly from the skin. In this way, by promoting the absorption of nutrients by the skin, tissue masks are even more effective.

The fabrics of the beauty masks:

From the most basic to the most high-tech due to the properties of adhering to the vote, letting the active ingredients penetrate the skin, and mobility, the fabric of the masks can be composed of different materials: Non-woven Fiber, Cotton, Hydrogel and Bio Cellulose.

Non-woven fibre. Surely the entry-level with regard to the technological aspect of Korean beauty masks for mobility and ability to carry in serum in the skin.

Cotton. Cotton is a natural material that has a good ability to adhere to the face and let the nutrients penetrate the skin.

Hydrogel. Hydrogel has a very good absorption system. As the name suggests, the hydrogel has a gel-like consistency and is composed of two separate parts, one upper and one lower, for a high level of adhesion.

Bio-cellulose. It’s the premium level of sheet masks. It’s completely natural because obtained from the action of “good bacteria”. Bio cellulose masks have the best absorption properties of the masks on the market, ensuring a high degree of mobility, which makes them extremely comfortable.

Sheet masks: The 5 Golden Rules for a Premium Skin.

Follow these simple golden rules to always be sure to take full advantage of this moment completely dedicated to you.

1) Start with Double Cleansing.

Think of your skin as a canvas on which to go and make a beautiful work of art: it is of fundamental importance that it be cleaned to the maximum in order to benefit from the precious principles contained in the formulations of the masks. Before you build the scaffolding that embodies the philosophy of Korean beauty, make sure you start from the ground up. We talked in a very extensive way about Double Cleansing, the cleaning ritual that involves cleaning in two acts, using two different detergents, the first oil-based and the second water-based. The oil-based cleanser removes make-up remains and other impurities, followed by a water-based cleanser to remove hydrophilic elements. For deep cleaning.

Korean Beauty’s thinking reminds us that there is no limit to cleansing. For this reason, there are those who have brought double cleansing to a new high, with the Triple Cleansing. You can read all about here.

2) Continue with the Toner for your Skin Type.

While restoring the skin’s pH balance, toner helps remove pollutants and detergent residues. The toner soothes the skin and prepares it to absorb the product provided by the next steps. For all the toners on sale on miloon, you can see this page

3) Apply the Mask: Remember to Tap the Essence in the Skin.

If you remove the excess essence on your face with a handkerchief or cotton swab, it’s as if you’re washing your face, losing the nourishing power of the active ingredients. Actually, you should also take advantage of the last drop of essence. Staking the residue to force absorption to part of the skin is a must. If there is any more, in spite of everything, do not wash it away but apply it on the neck and décolleté.

4) Never more than 20 minutes.

In the case of the duration of the application of sheet masks, the “Better” rules do not apply. Depending on the technology used in the construction and the active ingredients, each mask has a recommended application time, which usually never exceeds 20 minutes. Keeping a mask for longer, such as in sleep, could not only be useless but could even prove counterproductive. In fact, it could trigger a phenomenon known as reverse osmosis.

Reverse osmosis is made with a membrane that retains the solute on the one hand, preventing it from passing through and allowing the extraction of pure solvent on the other. This results in a loss of nutrients, which in this case would return directly to the mask from the skin. Remember not to overdo it. Respect the times indicated by the labels.

5) The Routine after the Mask: Eye Cream, Moisturizing and Sun Screen.

Remember: the routine does not end with a mask. For visible results, do not forget to apply the eye cream and then complete with a moisturizer, which will help seal the active ingredients of your mask by adding successive layers. Moreover, we will never be able to repeat often enough: sun screen is essential to protect the skin from sun damage and weathering. In spring as well as in winter. Some masks or moisturizers already have sun protection, be sure to combine the SPF factor optimally. You will find more useful information about our K-Beauty sun protection guide. You’ll find it here.


Whether you’re just a fan of Korean cosmetics, or you’re a veteran who’s always up to date on the latest trends in Gan Gan, you’ve probably come across the world of Korean sheet masks. In fact, sheet masks are a practical way to collect and amplify important passages of a K-Beauty routine. After reviewing the different materials with which they can be composed, we focused on the 5 golden rules for proper use and a skin always perfect, topnotch. Make sure to follow. Always.