Miloon Sunscreen Guide – Part 2.



Hello everyone!

Welcome back to the second episode of our beloved “Miloon Sunscreen Guide”. This 4-episodes guide was born to explore the world of sunscreen. We felt out there there’s a big gap of information on such an important topic involving Beauty as well as Health. As we love to say, Korean Skincare aims at preventing problems rather than fixing ’em. Sunscreen is a very important step of Korean Beauty Routine and a valid helper to get that glowing skin we love.
Are you ready to learn all about sunscreen?

As summer comes, sun stays up longer and sun rays are stronger. This means that it is impossible to stay out without an adequate protection. Yet sunscreen should never be a summer-related treatment. Summer or winter, sunny days or raining days, we always need sunscreen to shield our skin. When it comes to health it’s important not to give anything for granted.
In this episode we dissect all the many reasons why you should wear sunscreen everyday and throughout the year!

What are the benefits from using sunscreen?

– Shields from UV rays.

Even though we need the sun for vitamin D, we cannot put our health at risk! Sunscreen blocks harmful UV rays from penetrating our skin. Also it reduces skin’s  sun-related disorders.

– Prevents premature Aging.

We all want to have younger looking, radiant and healthy skin. Sunscreen shields your skin from developing signs of aging. Such as wrinkles and fine lines. 

– Lowers skin cancer risks.

Sunscreen prevents from developing various types of skin cancer, included the aggressive melanoma.

– Prevents sunburns.

Sunburns make our skin weak and sensitive to pain. If you are sunbathing to tan and won’t apply sunscreen, you can suffer from redness, hives and itching. Sunscreen prevents skin burning only. This means you will still get tanned, only you will have an extra dose of protection.

– Enhances health of the skin.

Sunscreen protects the essential skin proteins, such as collagen, keratin and elastin. These proteins are vital to keep out skin smooth and healthy!

Do I have to wear sunscreen daily?


Applying sunscreen every morning will provide enough protection for the day. Remember to repeat application every two hours if doing some sweat-inducing activities.

If you have a dry or sensitive skin, make sure to apply a fresh coating every while to grant your skin’s safety!

Why Korean sunscreens are better than Western ones?

Korean sunscreens are nothing like its western counterpart. They provide better skincare benefits like hydration, skin tone balance and more. They are light, easy to spreadable and leave no visible trace or white cast behind. After Korean sunscreen application your skin won’t be heavy, greasy or shiny. These innovative products aren’t sticky-mess and even help to control oily T-zone. For example. Missha “All Around Safe Block Water Proof Sun Milk” provides sebum control other than a super soft skin finish. Moreover, this is little gem is waterproof and it prevents sweat and water from wearing it off. Believe us: this is going to be your companion for all your outdoor activities, all summer long.


What does “PA” followed by the + signs?

You may have seen letter “PA” following by + signs. It indicates the UV rating references among Korean Brands. “PA + to +++” rating shows how much UVAA coverage you are getting.

To get more information on UV and UVAA protection, check out our first episode of the guide.