How to keep skincare products properly and make them last longer.




Once you find your favorite skincare products, you’ll want to be sure to keep them well.
Also, we need to take care of them to prolong their effectiveness and to maximize your benefits. It’s possible that ingredients could quickly break down and it becomes ineffective.
Don’t let your products go to waste because you don’t know how to get so much more out of your products!

There are ways to make skincare items last longer while still having the same quality.
Here are some tips to help you to preserve your skincare!!

Stay out of the sun.

Most of skincare products are fine at the normal room temperature, so keep them out of the direct sunlight.
No Skincare products or makeup should be stored in the sun, even though it is just a little light coming through the window!

Heats from the sunlight can speed up the aging of products and break down ingredients. Best way to store the majority of your products is inside of the cabinets or drawers.

Keep it Cool.

Some products can benefit by being placed in the refrigerator, especially products containing vitamin C. Keeping products cool on the fridge can help to improve their shelf life. But be careful not to keep them in the freezing temperatures, since it can have opposite effect! You can also put your toner, face mist or Sheet masks in the fridge if you want to have cooling effect. It also helps to fight for large pores or blemished.

Avoid Bathroom!

Most of us think that it is convenient to store skincare products in the bathroom. But the truth is that heat and humidity from the bathroom is not doing your products any favor. The steam from the shower can break down active ingredients in product’s formulas. It also shortens the life of skincare products, cosmetics and even perfumes!

It is not hard to keep your skincare products well. It is simple; just keep them stored in a cool and dark location and know what ingredients you are working with. Try to avoid direct sunlight and steam to get the most out of your products!