The 5 Best Korean Illuminating Essences For Back to the Office.

The Korean Essence For Skin More Radiant Than Ever.

Korean illuminating face essence is a great ally for fighting gray skin tone and dehydration during seasonal changes.  

But what is the reason for the loss of radiance? Who is Korean brightening essence for the face intended for? Why should you use Korean brightening essence for the face? And finally, the last but crucial question about Korean brightening face essences, namely, “What are the best Korean brightening face essences?”

In all likelihood, these are just some of the many questions crowding your mind in these days dedicated to returning to work after a few days off. But fear not because we will now answer all your doubts when it comes to Korean illuminating face essence by going on to connect the topic of skin radiance with that of dehydration typical of these times of the year.

Through its combined action, a Korean illuminating face essence can best prepare your skin for the return to work after the vacations because it can maximize the radiance of your face. 

This gives you that enviable sense of inner calm and serenity that will give everyone the impression that you are always in full control of every activity. 

The Causes of Brightness Loss.

During winter, cold temperatures and the loss of moisture from the skin caused by heating make the skin a critical area, at high risk of potential dehydration.

In summer, however, high temperatures and the use of sunscreen are equally responsible for dehydrating the skin.

Loss of radiance is generally related to poor tissue oxygenation. Particularly in deteniate conditions the microcirculation of the skin is reduced. This causes the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the level of epidermal cells to be significantly reduced.  

But what are the main determinants of radiance loss, which the use of a Korean illuminating face essence can counteract?

Here they are explained.

  • Age: As time passes, the skin loses its ability to renew epidermal cells. As a result, dead cells settle on the surface of facial skin that promote a grayish complexion, undermining your radiant, youthful appearance. 
  • Skin dryness: dry air is among the main causes of dull skin, both in winter and summer, especially for drier skin.
  • Dehydration: Hydration is a key factor in the proper oxygenation of any tissue, especially the skin, which then loses its radiant glow.
  • Not Exfoliating: dead epidermis cells accumulate on the surface and cause it to lose its radiance.
  • Not Removing Make Up: Makeup that is not removed, or removed poorly, can clog pores and dull your complexion. 
  • Stress: the amount of work and tension in the office or at home can dull the glow of your skin, which will appear gray and dull.
  • Bad Sleep: Fatigue and tiredness affect the oxygenation of your skin and consequently turn off your natural glow.
  • Smoking and Alcohol: Smoking and alcohol break down collagen reserves, creating that yellowish complexion we hate so much.
  • Nutrition: we are what we eat, and nothing has more effect than the active ingredients we introduce into the body. 
  • Using the Wrong Cosmetics: cosmetics that do not respect the specifics of your skin type should be avoided at all costs .
  • Climatic Agents and Pollution: sun exposure, chlorine, dry wind and pollution in the air pengo or your glow.


Fortunately, Korean brightening essence is the perfect ally to ward off and combat dehydration, one of the primary causes of radiance loss. And there’s more; this step is perfect for skin of any type. But let’s have a look at it in detail

What is a Korean Illuminating Face Essence for?

A Korean illuminating face essence gives to the skin focuses on fighting the dullness level of the skin, adding a boost of hydration. 

The overall effect of Korean illuminating face essence on the skin is characterized by raising the level of hydration, thus eliminating wrinkles, irritation, and dryness that occur during the 4 seasons.

Korean Illuminating Face Essence is an important ally of your skin’s health, the effects of which can be seen in the florid, youthful appearance it gives it.

In fact, a Korean Face Essence 

  • Deeply nourishes
  • It increases skin density;
  • Strengthens the skin barrier;
  • Illuminate; 
  • Fights the signs of aging;
  • It improves the texture of the skin;

Why Using a Korean Illuminating Face Essence Can Help Skin After Particularly Stressful Periods ?

Let’s make it clear right away that when we talk about resolving skin stress with a Korean moisturizing essence, we are not only referring to necessarily negative periods.

Think of vacations, for example. When the effect of stress, sun and sea, chlorine or simply a change of habits is felt, it may be necessary to go to restore the moisture coefficient in the depths of the dermis. And this is where a Korean Illuminating Face Essence makes its contribution to skin that is always healthy because it is resilient, elastic and even-textured.

The sun, air conditioning and temperature in general are on the side of dehydration. Summer is always a succession of hot days, and winter is full of cold days when we are in a state of hydration deficit.

As we always say, Korean cosmetics work wonders, especially if they are aided by some inherent shrewdness in your lifestyle.  In summer, many dermatologists suggest reinforcing water intake in the form of cold drinks and ice cream.

On the other hand, in winter we take care to have a humidifier in the house and drink warm liquids.

And using a Korean illuminating face essence can help close the loop: by deeply nourishing it changes the texture of the skin, which appears oxygenated and soft. Perfect for radiant, youthful skin that gets the whole office talking.

What Should the Best Korean Illuminating Face Essence Be Like?

The dual moisturizing and brightening function of Korean essence is due to its composition, which is based on a natural water-rich formula. Korean essence for the face is composed of active, hydrophilic ingredients that assimilate moisture from the environment and promote skin hydration. 

When extra moisturizing power with Korean essence meets the power of natural ingredients such as licorice, niacinamide or fabulous fermented ingredients like reishi mushrooms, we have just composed the best Korean brightening essence, a great partner for all skin types in the fight against dehydration.

When choosing the best Korean essence, you must also consider the ingredients.

Korean cosmetics favor fermented ingredients precisely because of their ability to exponentially elevate nutrient contouring and nutrient absorption deep into the skin. It is then necessary to add that to be truly effective in nourishing the skin a Korean illuminating facial essence must not contain alcohol. In fact, these ingredients could easily achieve the opposite effect and dry out the skin. 

But that’s not all: formulations based on unnecessary ingredients can often increase the risk of developing allergies and intolerances. But on this point you can be sure when you shop at Miloon. All of our products have been carefully selected precisely to avoid these kinds of unexpected issues. You can also count on the special Clean Beauty selection that contains products with minimal and non-suspicious formulations.

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At What Point of  the Korean Skincare Routine is it Necessary to Use Korean Illuminating Face Essence.

In the classic 10-step Korean skincare routine, Korean Illuminating Face Essence is in the fifth position. We are in the nourishment phase 

It is no coincidence that we rely on a Korean illuminating face essence precisely in the transition months from summer to fall or winter to spring. The Korean face essence is directly related to hydration, which makes it excellent for warding off the risk of dehydration that becomes concrete in both the summer and winter months.

When should Korean Essence be Employed to Maximize the Illuminating and Moisturizing Effect ?

Korean Illuminating Face Essence is to be used during your morning Korean skincare ritual as well as in your evening skincare ritual.

The application of Korean moisturizing essence follows the initial steps of cleansing and toning. The function of Korean facial essence is to add an initial layer of moisture to freshly cleansed skin. This causes it to help it better absorb the products of the next steps, thus increasing their effectiveness.

Chasin’ Rabbits Magic Beauty Shroom Essence

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Chasin’ Rabbits Magic Beauty Shroom Essence is definitely the hippest Korean illuminating face essence that is on sale on Miloon. The name is a play on words that alludes to the magic of certain types of mushrooms (pun intended!).

The valuable polysaccharides of the Tremella mushroom have antioxidant properties and are particularly effective in fighting the signs of premature skin aging.

 This vegan essence employs 100% Snow Mushroom .  This ingredient with amazing properties is processed with special delicacy so that it can develop all its effects deep in the skin and used in purity. Other than Heisenberg.

Missha Time Revolution The First Essence 5x

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This illuminating Korean facial essence is a veritable marvel of Korean cosmetics thanks to the power of fermented yeast extract, which provides the skin with intense hydration that reaches deep into the skin, brightens the skin and promotes a glowing, even complexion.   The 95 percent fermented ingredients provide unprecedented hydration while transforming the skin’s structure by enriching it with the nutrients that ensure a firmer, more vital complexion.

Here are the wow ingredients that make this Korean illuminating face essence the prodigy of Korean cosmetics:

  • Fermented yeast extract of Himalayan barley-it is immediately absorbed by the skin and provides it with energy.
  • Niacinamide-improves skin elasticity, strengthens the skin barrier and has a toning effect.
  • Bifida ferment lysate (probiotic) :increases skin hydration, smooths skin, reduces redness and supports skin regeneration.
  • Pearl extracts : removes dead skin.
  • Rice extract : contains many vitamins and nutrients that make the skin smooth and glowing.

 The effectiveness of this Korean illuminating face essence is guaranteed, even the name says so: 5X. That is, five times more powerful.

Mixsoon Reishi Mushroom Essence

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Mixsoon’s Korean Illuminating Reishi Mushroom Facial Essence nourishes the skin and fights signs of skin aging.

Speaking of top ingredients behind the miracle of the best Korean illuminating face essences, Reish could not be missing. Asian tradition overflows with formulations employing this ingredient that was considered magical for its medicinal abilities. These not only affect the immune system but also extend to tissues such as the skin, which this mushroom makes glowing moisturized and toned. 

Mixsoon, the Korean organic cosmetics brand that employs only the best ingredients in its formulations, knows this well. Mixoon Reishi Mushroom Korean facial essence maximizes the effect of the “mushroom of immortality,” rich in vitamins and antioxidants to nourish and regenerate the skin, strengthen the skin barrier and eliminate wrinkles, fine lines give skin elasticity.

Did you ask for a Korean illuminating face essence? We gave you the best one.

Cosrx Snail Mucin Power Essence

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Among the best Korean illuminating face essences, the power of Cosrx Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence snail slime could not be missed. 

Due to its huge amount of filtered snail mucin, here 96% promotes tissue repair, oxygenated, nourished and hydrated.

This real vitamin for your face, is loaded with regenerating and revitalizing nutrients to help that maximize the coefficient of elasticity and hydration.

But with Cosrx Snail Mucin Power Essence, you not only have one of the best-loved Korean illuminating facial essences on Miloon for the past two years, but you get a real magic wand that will repair skin issues, from dry areas to rashes and acne, while helping to combat hyperpigmentation. 

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Benton Fermentation Essence

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Speaking of the best Korean illuminating essences for the face, Benton Fermentation Essence, a light essence with rapid absorption thanks to the power of fermented ingredients, could not be missed. Specifically, the super hero of this Korean illuminating facial essence is a fermented yeast extract, 80% Galactomyces Ferment Filtrate, which brightens and firms the skin. 

And then there is hyaluronic acid and ceramides for full service and skin that bewitches. 


It is normal that after periods of transition, such as from one season to another, or from the lifestyle we have on vacation to the one we have when we return to the office, there is a change in the general condition of the skin, among other characteristics, the level of radiance. 

In this article, we have seen that the main cause is to be found in the change at the level of microcirculation in the epidermis brought about by factors such as changes in climatic conditions, air pollution, little sleep, poor diet, bad habits such as alcohol and smoking.

Luckily, there is Korean Illuminating Facial Essence, the Asian cosmetic star of the fifth step of the skincare routine that, thanks to effective natural ingredients such as fermented mushrooms or niacinamide, allows your skin to glow again with the radiance it deserves. 


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