Everything you need to know about Korean Essence.

What it is, how and when to use this powerful hydration injection.

Today we are talking about Korean essences: an important element designed to boost, by moisturising in a targeted manner, every K-beauty routine aimed at immediately visible results. Korean essences are a truly vast world. There are many proposals to satisfy the needs of all skin types and to treat and prevent annoying imperfections.

What is a Korean essence and at what point in the routine should it be used?

If we imagine a cleanser as a skin cleanser, then the Korean essence would be the softener. In the classic 10-step Korean beauty routine, the essence is in the fifth position. It is used in the morning and/or evening after the cleansing and toning steps to add an initial layer of moisture to freshly cleansed skin. This helps it to better absorb the products of the next steps, thereby increasing their effectiveness.

What are the benefits of Korean essence?

Korean essence is an important ally for your beauty thanks to its extraordinary superpowers. These are listed below: 

Increases skin density;
Fights the signs of ageing;
Strengthens the skin barrier;
Improves skin texture;
Deeply nourishes.
What is the difference between an essence and products such as toner and serum?

A Korean essence is somewhere between a toner and a serum. It is usually not as light and watery as a toner, but at the same time it is not as concentrated as a serum. In fact, the main objective of a Korean essence is to nourish the skin with ingredients that are safe for regular, daily use.

Which skin types and issues can benefit most from the use of a Korean essence?

Korean essence provides an extra layer of moisture, which is perfect for those with dry skin. This increased moisture level can also help to alleviate fine lines and prevent wrinkles. In addition, this can help strengthen the skin barrier for sensitive skin.

The moisturising power of the essence is such that, in the case of combination or oily skin, it may be sufficient to apply it, thus skipping the moisturising step.

But if your skin is of a different type or has other problems, no problem. In fact, you can always choose from a wide range of Korean essences with different formulations.

How important is it really to use a Korean essence?

According to the Korean by Miloon routine, essences are an optional step. But this does not mean that they do not bring benefits. Essences can make all the difference, especially if you are dealing with dryness, signs of ageing or sensitivity. But that’s not all: if you haven’t seen visible results from using the serum, the essence may give the product more strength and make a greater effect. As with any other product, when evaluating an essence the usual rule applies: Listen to your skin. Take into account its specific problems, which ingredients are best suited to solve them. You will see the difference in no time.  Choose your favourite Korean essence on Miloon and … get ready to shine.


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