Mary & May's Korean Cosmetics will transform your skin with the Power of Nature.

Mary & May K Beauty is All About Carefully Selected Ingredients For the Happiness of Every Skin Type.

Mary & May’s Korean Cosmetics is anything but the best Nature has to offer. This K Beauty brand has quickly established itself as one of Korea’s top cosmetics brands because of its emphasis on quality skin care products.

The K Beauty Philosophy of Mary & May.

Innovation, Effectiveness and Integrity are the 3 pillars on which sisters Mary and May K founded this K Beauty Brand. 

Inspired by the motto “Believe in Beauty”, Mary & May’s approach to Korean cosmetics is based on simplicity. 

Hence, Korean cosmetics brand Mary & May is committed to offering only healthy and pure Asian beauty products that use only skin-safe ingredients processed in a conscious way. 


The Clean Beauty By Mary & May


Every active ingredient included in the formulations of K beauty Mary&May cosmetics is carefully chosen to ensure maximum effectiveness and total safety. This trend that has invested the world of beauty is called Clean Beauty or Clean Beauty and consists in using only the strictly necessary ingredients.  Nothing more. 

The result? Minimal cosmetic formulations exploit 100% the power of natural ingredients thanks to high-tech processings. This is the result of deep knowledge of Chinese and Asian medicinal traditions. 

Hence, you can enjoy ingredients in purity with its original properties unchanged, without the need to resort to those suspicious and harmful ingredients such as parabens and artificial dyes and fragrances.


A final but important bonus in this world of goodness: Mary & May products are cruelty free. That’s true:  animals are not used during the testing and research phases of cosmetic formulations. 

To define the offer of Korean cosmetics Mary&May on Miloon defeated is reductive.  Actually, we can claim to have the largest assortment in Italy of products of this very modern brand of Korean cosmetics.  Here are the 5 products of the brand of Korean cosmetics Mary & May to keep an eye on.

5 Korean Cosmetics by Mary & May Not to Be Missed.

Mary & May 6 Peptide Complex Serum

SHOP NOW: Mary & May 6 Peptide Complex Serum

The peptide is a bit ‘the latest trend that has taken hold in the world of cosmetics, not only Korean. As you can imagine, this Korean face serum Mary & May 6 Peptide Complex Serum contains six peptides. And all six act in synergy to stimulate skin regeneration and refine visible wrinkles, preventing the advanced signs of aging.

With its lightweight, fast-absorbing texture that leaves no greasy feeling on the skin, Mary & May Korean 6 Peptide Complex Facial Serum promotes radiant, well-hydrated and firm skin. Can’t wait to try it out?

Mary & May Idebenone + Blackberry Intense Cream

SHOP NOW: Mary & May Idebenone + Blackberry Intense Cream

The top Korean face cream in Mary & May’s offering is Idebenone + Blackberry Intense Cream This anti-aging cream firms and hydrates the skin thanks to the power of natural antioxidants. As a matter of facts, it contains as much as 500 ppm of indebenone and as much as 63% of blackberry complex extract. In addition, the 5 types of Ceramides combined with Phytosphingosine create a strong moisture barrier for the skin and prevent natural water loss. Plus it’s good in the sense that the ingredients are lovingly selected – the most effective ingredient there is in the world. 

Moreover, if you just can’t quench your skin’s thirst for antioxidants, Boost the ’effect of this cream with the Korean Idebenone + Blackberry Complex , the fast-absorbing serum formulated with highly concentrated Idebenone that acts in synergy with Blackberry Complex, maximizing the antioxidant effect on the skin.

Mary & May Vitamine B5 + Bifida Toner

SHOP NOW: Mary & May Vitamine B5 + Bifida Toner

Mary & May Vitamin B5 + Bifida Toner is a Korean facial toner that works deep within the dermis to soothe and repair skin with a prodigious 30,000 ppm bifida ferment content that regulates skin barrier hydration. Add 1,000 ppm of Vitamin B5 to soothe sensitive skin and voilà: the perfect toner is served. 

Mary & May White Collagen Cleansing Foam

SHOP NOW: Mary & May White Collagen Cleansing Foam

The Mary & May White Collagen Cleansing Foam is a sorbet-like facial cleanser that’s rich in vitamins C, B and E and certified green ingredients, the Mary & May White Collagen Cleansing Foam gently melts away makeup, sebum and impurities while promoting a radiant complexion thanks to 1% Niacinamide. Plus, thanks to the ultra-high collagen content you can prevent skin aging during the cleansing process.
With two sacred ingredients of Korean cosmetics like collagen and Niacinamide, it’s no wonder Mary & May White Collagen Cleansing Foam has won a lot of hearts around the world. And yours will be no exception. 

Mary & May Citrus Unshiu + Tremella Fuciformis Serum

SHOP NOW: Mary & May Citrus Unshiu + Tremella Fuciformis Serum

Looking for an ocean face serum for to effectively reduce skin hyperpigmentation and moisturize your skin? Well, we have just the thing for you. Discover Mary & May Citrus Unshiu Fruit + Tremella Fuciformis Serum, a Korean facial serum made with 83.5% Citrus Unshiu Fruit extract and 9.7% Tremella Fuciformis. Korean cosmetics love fermented ingredients because, more than many others, they are able to retain water, and restore intense hydration and bright, clear skin. Plus, it’s fragrance-free, to the delight of the most sensitive skin.

Conclusion: Mary & May is Good Korean Cosmetics. 

In conclusion Mary & May is not just a fantastic Korean cosmetics brand but a real philosophy. Mary & May’s vision is that of a new and modern Korean cosmetic brand, in step with the latest trends that focuses on the use of high quality ingredients to create products that can be used every day. Discover our selection of Mary & May Korean cosmetic products now and immerse yourself in a world of sweetness, purity and delicacy!


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