Why May Coop Raw Sauce is so special?



May Coop Raw Sauce is a highly concentrated essence that activates the vitality of the skin by allowing moisturising agents and nutrients to penetrate deeply. This all-in-one product combines the power of essence, toner and emulsion in one package.
May Coop Raw Sauce has quickly gained cult status for its miraculous effects thanks to the use of maple sap – a great source of antioxidants to fight damaging free radicals and combat the signs of ageing. But why is this product so special? Let’s dig down deep and find out.

We had an introductory post about May Coop Raw Sauce here. Be sure to read it.

The Product.

May Coop encapsulates a collection of nutrients absorbed by Mother Nature as she struggles with the heat of summer or the cold of winter. Every drop of sap contains the secret of life. It is the process by which a timid sprout can grow from the bare earth, through perseverance, and give birth to beauty captured in all its vitality. May Coop is born from the single drop of sap, the product of beauty and life. More than 525,600 minutes of dedication, rendered through a vigorous harvest of organic and natural extracts, during the only extraction window in a year, give life to the miraculous products of MAY COOP. May Coop immolates itself to purity, which lives on in the brand, starting with its name.

In fact: May – spring, life: 5 (month) of maple sap harvesting; 100% pure sap content; 12 – The year the brand was launched is 2012 and the meaning of the number 12 is that of “perdition” in the Bible; COOP – the spirit of dedication to customers that is reflected in the brand.

The consistency is fluid, non-sticky, silky and slightly thicker than a typical water-based essence. Speaking of smell: you’ll be pleased to know that despite being almost entirely based on Maple Extract, it smells similar to maple syrup. In fact, it smells really discreet and pleasant.

The Packaging.

May Coop’s Raw Sauce is available in two sizes: 150 ml and 40 ml.
We have found that buying both is not necessarily a bad move. In fact, the large one could serve as an internal treatment to boost your daily routine. On the other hand, the 40ml format is really handy and friendly, as it allows you to try it out as well as pack it in your suitcase and take it anywhere, so you’re always ready to quench your skin’s thirst on the go.

The Ingredients.

Maple sap is the main ingredient in May Cop Raw Sauce, from which it takes its name.

Alongside this are a handful of natural ingredients committed to boosting the natural effects of maple and making your skin healthier and younger looking. In particular, it features a well-balanced blend of berry extract, olives, grapes, beans and corn.

Here is a more extensive list of ingredients:
Acer Mono Sap, Alcohol, Glycerine, Peg-8, Maris Aqua (seawater), Butylene Glycol, Propylene Glycol, Water, Betula Alba bark/leaves extract, Castanea Sativa (chestnut) bark extract, Olea Europaea (olive) Fruit Extract, Pinus Sylvestris bark extract, Ribes Nigrum (blackcurrant) fruit extract, Vaccinium Vitis-idaea fruit extract, Vitis Vinifera (grape) fruit extract, Triticum vulgare (wheat) flour extract, Oryza Sativa (rice) extract, Zea Mays (maize) germ extract, soybean glycine (soybean) extract, oryza sativa (rice) bran extract,

Why it’s so Special:

No water but Maple Raw for Super Nutrition.
May Cop Raw Sauce has not been produced using plain water, which is the most common ingredient in cosmetics, but from 100% sap: the pure crystal of beauty, the full vitality of a tree or plant. Sap is the natural watery liquid from a deep layer of soil through the roots that a tree or plant absorbs to bear fruit. It contains amino acids, vitamins, potassium, calcium and other super-nourishing minerals.



Maple tree sap for ultra-fast absorption.
The size of the maple tree sap molecule is 86 Hz, which is similar to that of human fluid, and is excellent in absorption and affinity in the body. It doesn’t matter what the excellent ingredient in a cosmetic product is. It has no effect if it is not absorbed into the deepest layers of the skin. The excellence of May Coop products is based on the ’86 Hz’ dimension of the sap. Structured in dimensions similar to those of human skin sweat molecules, the maple sap blend retains a high capacity for absorption and affinity by the skin. Composed of 7 vital and fruity powder extracts, a key ingredient in Ecocert-certified skin metabolism, the maple sap extract blend will revitalise your dull, dull and dormant skin by bringing the vitality of spring.

The “inorganic mineral” that exists in natural objects such as water and earth is not absorbed directly into the body. Therefore, it requires the process of transforming the ‘inorganic mineral’ into ‘organic mineral’ to make the mineral absorbable by the human body. However, since the sap from the maple tree is collected in the form of “organic mineral”, it has the characteristic of being directly absorbed into the human body without any other process, such as ordinary additives or purified water has.

Maple Raw means natural moisturiser.

MSE (maple sugar extract) is a 100% pure natural moisturiser produced by nature. MSE which is a natural sugar found in the sap of maple trees (about 2%) works as a skin coating and treatment that prevents the skin from evaporating. Clinical tests have shown a similar moisturising effect on the skin to glycerine, which is the most widely used moisturiser in cosmetics. When fructose-derived sugar meets Asian herbal and fruit extracts, it creates a formulation that provides healthier-looking skin while being perfect for all skin types.

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