MAY COOP RAW SAUCE: Nature’s slow miracle for a super fast effect.


miloon may coop raw sauce

May Coop Raw Sauce is a High concentration skin essence that activates skin vitality by confining moisture and nutrients deep inside.

It is an all-in-one product. It gathers the power of and essence, toner and an emulsion in a single tiny bottle. One of K-Beauty’s fastest selling products, it has rapidly earned a cult status for its miraculous effects.

May Coop Raw Sauce’s main ingredient is maple tree sap. With a solid 93% content, maple sap is great for skin, as it deliver a better absorption.

In Fact, according to the brand:

“Structured in similar size as moisture molecules in human skin, the maple tree sap blend retains high absorbency and skin affinity. Composed of 7 shoot extracts of vitality and fructan powder, a core ingredient in skin metabolism certified by Ecocert, the maple tree sap blend will revitalize your dull and dormant skin with the vitality of spring.”

As K-Beauty expert Alicia Yoon from Peach & Lily puts it:

“ The molecules of maple tree sap are smaller than water so they are absorbed much more easily into the skin. The Raw Sauce also contains skin-nourishing fructan powder and Asian herbal and fruit extracts for even more hydration and nourishment.”

Just don’t get twisted. Despite being almost entirely made of that Maple Extract it smells noting like maple syrup. Its smell is indeed discreet and pleasant.

Nevertheless the effects can be seen immediately, the brand suggests a 3 weeks of skin revitalization treatment with raw sauce for a significant effect and increased benefit.

Week 1 – Skin nutrition. 

Week 2 – Concentrated moisturization of keratin layer. 

Week 3 – Enhanced homeostasis to healthy skin 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

May Coop Raw Sauce comes in two formats: the 150 mls and the 40 mls.

It is suitable for all skin types.

It should be applied after cleanser and toner using a cotton pad or finger tips. Just pat it in an outward motion until it is fully absorbed. You’ll be amazed by the easy absorption and the absence of greasy residues.