The 5 Best Toners for Combination Skin.

Combination Skin & Korean Toner: A Perfect Love Story.

Using Korean toner if you have combination skin, as well as oily and generally problematic skin, is extremely important because between the two… it’s always true love.

Toner is in fact an essential ally of healthy, and therefore naturally radiant, skin and it is essential that it is at the base of every routine dedicated to radiance.  And it is no coincidence that, together with oil-based cleansers, moisturisers and sunscreens, Korean toners are one of the five steps of the Korean routine by Miloon: a minimalist version of the classic 10-step Korean Beauty Routine. It should be understood that all 10 steps of the classic version are important, but perhaps not all of them, or not always, are suitable for your skin’s needs.


What are the functions of a Korean toner that are so important for combination skin?

A Korean toner restores the pH balance and balances the moisture and humidity levels of the skin and these are really important for combination skin. This affects the production of sebum, a very important element in the health and youthfulness of our skin.

In fact, in principle, a Korean toner:

Counteracts the alkalinising effect of cleansers. This prevents the skin from having to increase its sebum production in order to restore its balance.
Regulates the skin’s moisture levels. The epidermis acts as a natural shield against external factors and helps to maintain a constant moisture level. When this protection is out of balance, the skin loses moisture rapidly and is more vulnerable to external influences. Remember that as we age, this shield becomes less efficient and the risk of dehydration is more real.
It is often a smart product. Korean cosmetics are known for combining ingredients of natural and certified origin with the latest cosmetic technology to create multi-functional products. For example, some toners have an exfoliating function and make the skin look even fresher and brighter.

Combination Skin, Sebum and Moisture: Why Toner is So Important.

Regulating sebum production is practically what explains the importance of toner for combination skin.

In fact, precisely because it has areas of dry skin (in the T-zone) and areas of oily skin at the same time, combination skin has a particularly delicate relationship with hydration, which is linked to the unbalanced regulation of sebum levels. Indeed, sebum ensures that the skin barrier is able to retain its humectant principles even in the driest area; and dehydrated skin often causes excessive sebum production to compensate for the lack of moisture in the skin, which is why dehydrated skin can easily be mistaken for oily skin.

The toner has a non-aggressive cleansing action with strong rebalancing properties; it also does not attack the driest areas such as the eye area, cheeks and the area around the lips. Not only does it not weigh down the skin, but it also performs a sebum-normalizing action to prevent the appearance of small imperfections on the rest of the face.


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