Everything you need to know about Maskne.

From Miloon, a beauty routine to understand and combat acne caused by the mask.

Maskne is an entirely new problem and part of the consequences of the recent Covid 19 pandemic. Since February, the maskne has become an extension of our person; a tool to protect ourselves and others from the danger of a return to lockdown. This spring Miloon was among the first to explain how Korean cosmetics can help combat the onset of skin problems during the months of isolation. If you remember, we explained how important it is to take care of our skin during our sporadic outings, especially by resorting to sunscreen and that extra bit of light hydration that only moisturisers and patches can provide. Today it’s time to reopen the topic, talking about Maskne, a skin irritation that is a direct result of prolonged mask use. Let’s find out exactly what it is and how to combat it, thanks to a special three-step beauty routine designed by Miloon for your skin type. Because although this type of acne is a common problem, each skin type reacts differently. Discover all the products to combat and restore your radiance. What are you waiting for?

What is Maskne?

The term Maskne, a combination of Mask and Acne, basically indicates the onset of a skin rash of an acneic nature caused by the constant use of a mask. This includes all those skin irritations such as acne and dermatitis as a consequence of the Covid 19 health emergency.

What causes Maskne?

This problem mainly arises from the following factors

the continuous rubbing of the maskne on the face;
the moisture induced by breathing;
the proliferation of bacteria and yeasts that promote clogged pores.
The dynamics are simple. The mask ensures that the skin is not adequately ventilated. Moreover, by protecting the mouth and nose, condensation is more likely to occur during breathing. This environment is humid and favours the formation of bacteria. In addition, the mask shields this area from sun exposure, which is a problem. In fact, UV rays have the power to sterilise surfaces because they eliminate many bacteria, viruses and fungi.

But that’s not all. The abrasion caused by rubbing the fabric of the mask against the skin affects the balance of the skin barrier, generating possible infiltration into the skin by microbes deposited on the epidermis. The result is a marked infection of the area that is characterised by the formation of acne, the consequences of which may vary depending on the skin type.


Some tips to reduce the risk of Maskne.

Prevention is better than cure; follow these simple tips for Maskne-Free skin.

Minimize the steps in your skincare routine.
Considering we often use too many products, this is the perfect excuse to go back to basics. Rediscover gentle, fragrance-free products. They’re perfect for stressed skin. But every cloud has a silver lining. In fact, by creating a cape, the mask will increase the effect of each product on the skin. Be careful, however, because in the case of aggressive and potentially irritating ingredients such as acids or retinoids, this boost may not exactly prove to be the right move.
Sanitise the mask every day and change it often.
In our acne guide, one of our tips was to clean your make-up brushes often because otherwise they can transmit bacteria on contact with the skin, which proliferate on sebum-clogged skin. Do the same with your face mask. Wash it or replace it periodically. Hygiene always comes first.
Layers under the mask.
Reduce the friction of the mask on the skin by placing gauze between the skin and the mask. You will also help to relieve pressure on the area and encourage corcolation.
Makeup only on the eyes.
Prevent foundation and make-up from preventing the skin from breathing and clogging the pores. Keep make-up to a minimum: limit it to the eye area.
The Anti Maskne Beauty Routine: Basic Tips and Products to Fight it.

We promised you a specific routine to combat Maskne. Well, it’s time to unveil the first part. Find out what the main steps are to combat this unpleasant blemish and the top products for each step.

Say goodbye to Maskne and show off your perfect skin…. Under the mask.

Rediscover Cleansing.

As we say time and again, cleansing is the main step in freeing the pores of sebum and getting rid of bacteria that cause inflammation. But it must be DELICATE, because deep cleansing is important, but respecting the fragility of the skin barrier is perhaps even more so. If, as you should, you carry out Double Cleansing, we advise you to start by concentrating on the first step, that of cleansing with an oil-based cleanser. Because, as physics teaches us, oil gets rid of oil, so there’s no better way to get rid of excess sebum. The water-based cleanser – the one provided in the second step of the Double Cleansing – then purifies and rehydrates the skin. If you would like to learn more about Double Cleansing, you can become an expert by reading here.

Oil Based Cleansing.


Water-based cleansing.


  • Rely on Fast-Acting Patches.
    Pimple patches, patches and adhesives are a great way to treat Maskne without generating further irritation. These breathable patches use a hydrocolloid sheet that adheres more closely to the skin to absorb excess fluid, oil and pus to promote healing. Meanwhile, they help to effectively reduce and soothe blemishes.


  • Moisturising Yes; but Light!
    Especially in summer, moisturising is the key to deeply nourished skin. But be careful. Moisturising can often compromise the health of your skin. The solution? Light creams, sprays and gels to avoid clogging pores and undoing all the efforts of the previous step.


  • Treatments… Ad Hoc.
    As you can read in our special on serums and ampoules, this category of products allows you to bombard your skin with specific ingredients that are able to nourish it in depth. And masks are no exception.

To soothe irritations and moisturise.

As we have seen, the hated Maskne only worsens the stress level of the skin, contributing to increased abrasions. And for particularly dry and thin skin, this can translate into real pain. But with these products, bye bye irritations.


To counteract the appearance of pimples.

Problem skin is by nature prone to rashes and acne. And with Maskne? The situation becomes even more complicated with infections that escalate develop chain relationships that extend to other areas of the face.


To remove pimples and irritations.

But Korean cosmetics would not have established themselves as a new philosophy in the world if their products were not so high-performance. In fact, they combine the best of both worlds, more precisely the past and the future: they combine technological research with botanical research that is lost in the mists of time and Chinese medicine, to provide mutitasking solutions that solve several problems at once. Great, isn’t it?



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