Brand New Brand: Sundo brings Minimal & Clean Korean Cosmetics into your home.

Naturalness at the Service of Your Skin's Health.

Sundo is the new Korean clean cosmetics brand that has just arrived on Miloon exclusively for Italy. Sundo embodies the ideal of clean cosmetics, a theme that has always been dear to the Asian skincare tradition. Sundo’s strength? Delicate and appealing cosmetic recipes, rich in natural ingredients and free of toxic substances.  And it is no coincidence that “Sundo” chose this very name: the Korean word for “Purity”.
This Korean cosmetics brand Clean is characterised by a truly minimalist ingredient list, making it a spearhead in the Asian and global cosmetics scene.

Korean Clean Cosmetics: More than a Trend, a Necessity.

The term “Clean” refers to a high quality cosmetic that, thanks to a scrupulous selection of ingredients, is able to provide skin care products of the highest quality. Clean products are often characterised by the use of natural, carefully selected active ingredients in their formulations that are respectful of the most delicate skin, but at the same time effective. This means that clean products by their very definition do not use artificial fragrances, mineral oils, parabens, sulphates and artificial colourings.

Clean products also often carry the title ‘Minimal Ingredient List’, i.e. they have a very short ingredient list. in fact, they use very few ingredients, less than fifteen by definition.

Sundo Cosmeceuticals.

With products enriched with a large quantity of natural extracts, Sundo opens up the world of Cosmeceuticals. Its products skilfully combine Korean tradition with the most advanced cosmetic technology, resulting in healthy, highly effective cosmetics with a high biochemical capacity for the skin.

But that’s not all. Fully embodying the ideal of Honest Beauty, Sundo bases its excellence on attention to the very high quality standards that have made Korean cosmetics famous the world over. And to this it combines meticulous research to offer formulations enriched with a large quantity of botanical and natural extracts that guarantee maximum affinity with the skin, avoiding nasty surprises caused by the most invasive and aggressive substances.

Now all you have to do is discover the Sundo products on sale on Miloon and start transforming your skin in harmony with nature.


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