Bye Bye blemishes... with Korean Acne Patches.

If healthy skin is perfect skin, Korean acne patches are the key to naturally beautiful skin. These tiny patches can eliminate pimples and similar blemishes in no time at all, promoting optimal healing.

What exactly are Korean Acne Patches?

Korean anti-acne patches are dressings in the form of tiny, miraculous patches that, when applied to the blemish, generally eliminate it in less than 24 to 48 hours. Acne patches create a moist environment and promote wound healing. There are different types of acne patches. Some are to be used at night, others during the day and can also be applied under make-up.


The Hydrocolloid: the secret of anti acne patches.

These small anti-acne patches are made of hydrocolloid, a material used to help heal chronic wounds. The Korean cosmetics industry was the first to discover that acne is similar to a chronic wound and has been using this principle since the 1920s.

How Korean hydrocolloid patches work.

They gently absorb secretions from open wounds to promote healing and prevent infection.
They adhere to healthy skin and allow damaged skin to heal thanks to specific ingredients such as salicylic acid or tea tree.
They allow excess fluid and impurities to be absorbed into the material and trapped in a tiny pocket, like a gel, promoting faster healing.

When it is advisable to use Korean Anti Acne Patches.

Korean hydrocolloid acne treatments work perfectly on the following types of acne:

Mature acne, with visible white spot.
Acne with fluid/pus leaking from the breakout.
Cystic acne that is located under the surface of the skin. Hydrocolloid extracts impurities from the compromised area and the surrounding area.

Why acne patches work so well.

They absorb toxins trapped under the skin.
They protect the pore from external bacteria and sunlight, preventing it from becoming further inflamed or infecting surrounding areas.
Accelerate healing.
They prevent scarring by repairing the pimple and preventing you from giving in to the urge to squeeze it.

How are they used?

Using anti ace patches is really simple. This is generally done in four steps.

Cleanse and dry the skin and do not apply any other treatments.
Apply the patch to the blemish.
Continue with the routine.
Replace the patch when it turns white.
The patches on sale in Milan are exclusively Clean and Cruelty Free.


Discover the fantastic world of anti-acne patches, the first step into the world of perfect skin.


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