Best Korean Soothing Face Masks? This Is Our Top 5.

Calming Face Masks To Receive Relief For Sensitive And Stressed Skin In Both Summer And Winter.

Best Korean Moisturizing Facial Toners

The best Korean soothing face masks are the key to a serene summer and a skin that is always healthy and young because it is regenerated from the damage of the sun, stress, reaction to cosmetics.

What are Korean anti inflammatory face masks for?

This category of face masks is used to provide relief to irritated skin that may appear marked by redness or other symptoms of stress. This is especially true for sensitive skin, which more than others is reactive to changes related to routine, climate, diet or certain products in your skincare routine.

Here is a summary of how Korean soothing face masks work

  • rebalance the natural delicacy of the skin 
  • eliminate redness 
  • reduce the inflammation of pimples
  • moisturize 
  • regenerate the skin after prolonged exposure to the sun.

We can’t warn you enough. In case of sunburn, knowing you can count on the best soothing masks to regenerate your skin and eliminate redness is important. But using sun protection according to PA find the correct sun exposure time is essential

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Why are the best face masks Korean?

Maschere Lenitive Viso Coreane

Being able to count on a selection of soothing face masks is the turning point for skin that is safe from visible signs of stress such as redness and sunburn, and therefore noticeably younger.

But why are the best soothing face masks are Korean?

Simple. For those who are made better and therefore more effective.

In fact out of all the anti-redness face masks only the Korean ones:

  • They allow a better absorption.
    Thanks to their fabric or hydrogel construction, they adhere perfectly to the face, pushing the nourishing principles in depth.
  • They contain natural soothing ingredients.
    All Korean soothing face masks take care of stressed skin in summer thanks to ingredients like aloe, oats, calendula chamomile, licorice.
  • They have a better calming effect.
    Thanks to the high technology of Korean cosmetics used in the formulations, anti redness masks are super effective. In processing, the soothing power of the natural ingredients remains unaltered because the extraction processes leave the soothing power of the ingredients intact. 
  • They have a higher content of moisturizing ingredients.
    Korean soothing face masks restore the levels of hydration and nourishment that stressed or reddened skin needs by regenerating it and making it healthier and younger.

Increase the rejuvenating power of your anti-irritation masks with two simple tricks.

Here are two simple tricks to maximize the effect of Korean soothing face mask.

  1. To increase the relief of your anti-inflammatory face mask stored in the fridge. It will give freshness to irritated skin.
  2. In case of reckless sun exposure, your face may not be the only part of your body that needs attention. Once you apply the soothing Korean mask make sure to sprinkle the excess essence on the skin of decollate, neck and hands to give relief from sunburn.  

The 5 best masks to soothe the skin: Miloon’s selection.

Now without further ado let’s discover the 5 best Korean face masks for reddened skin.

Benton – Good Bye Redness Centella Mask Pack

Good Bye Redness Centella Mask Pack is the most popular face mask for soothing the skin, so much so that it is always on the podium on Miloon. At the base of the prodigious anti-inflammatory action of this sheet mask is the beautiful Korean cosmetic tradition research that rediscovered the power of  Centella asiatica water. This ingredient, present at 45% has a very strong soothing action. 

But what many people don’t know is that this anti-inflammatory mask is also ultra moisturizing thanks to the extraordinary contribution of hyaluronic acid.

And then there’s the Benton guarantee, to produce cosmetics that are safe for sensitive and delicate skin, free of potential irritants such as parabens, artificial and volatile alcohol 

The Lab – Hyaluronic Acid Relief Sheet Mask

Sad Short Story. Your skin is inflamed and now you don’t feel comfortable. The solution is called Oligo Hyaluronic Acid Relief Sheet Mask, The Lab’s Korean anti-irritation mask. 

Chinese medicine kicks in with Ruscus Aculeatur extract, a plant with a powerful anti-inflammatory effect that strengthens blood vessels and refreshes the appearance of the skin. And then there are 7 other extracts famous for reviving the skin like licorice root and tiger grass. And with panthenol and hyaluronic acid, you’re good to go. 

Missha – Mascure Calming Solution Sheet Mask (Guaiazulene)

Guaiazulene is the ingredient behind this soothing mask by Missha. The word Azul comes precisely because this is the color of this very powerful Azulene derivative that is capable of soothing the skin in and helps relax irritated skin permanently. Its skin friendly formula makes this Korean anti inflammation face mask suitable for all skin types, not just sensitive skin. 

Klairs – Midnight Calming Sheet Mask

No guide on the best soothing face masks can be said to be complete without Klairs Midnight Blue, the calming and refreshing artificial silk face mask. Klairs, is one of the best clean and sustainable Korean cosmetic brands that introduced KBeauty to the world.
This Korean face mask is designed for oily, combination and problematic skin thanks to its pore-cleansing AHA content and Asian centella, tea tree, willow bark oil.
Its strength? It effectively hydrates and soothes sun-irritated skin and controls excessive sebum production thanks to the refreshing properties of erythrol, charcoal and bamboo.  Highly recommended.

Stay Well – Vegan Sheet Mask Watermelon

Vegan Sheet Mask Watermelon : This anti-inflammatory and moisturizing Korean face mask is all about surprises. Starting with its vegan formulation, based on watermelon and lychee extract. 

Watermelon is a real antioxidant bomb because it is a source of lycopene, an ingredient known to fight the action of free radicals. Added to this is the UV protection provided by the high omega 6 and 9 content of beta-carotene. Lichee prevents the signs of aging while fighting the effects of the sun and helps remove spots.

There you have it, the perfect soothing Korean mask. Plus, this treat is suitable for all skin types, not just sensitive skin.


The best anti inflammation face masks are those that are characterized by their soothing power that can regenerate the skin by refreshing, moisturizing and deeply nourishing it. Today our selection has looked at the 5 best face masks to combat stress and skin burns showing options for all skin types, including sensitive and oily, combination or problem skin. And there is no shortage of options for the large and diverse Korean cosmetics audience in the UK with clean cosmetic options without parabens or artificial fragrances or vegan ones. 

We take this opportunity to remind you that both in summer and in winter, skin damage from the sun is always around the corner, so be careful because as much as the 5 Korean anti-redness face masks we recommended, as  prevention is always better than cure.


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