The 5 Best Korean Moisturizing Facial Toners For a Youthful Hydrated Skin. 

A top selection of humectant toners to beat the clock on time.

Best Korean Moisturizing Facial Toners

The best Korean moisturizing facial toners is the secret to always a well hydrated skin. No questions asked.

You should know that the best humectant face toners are all about moisturizing. That’s the the feature that differentiates the protagonist of the fourth step of K beauty routine from its European counterpart. 

The Best Korean Moisturizing Facial Toners: Multitasking Action in the Service of Nourishment. 

In fact, humectant face toners are one of the categories of multi-tasking Korean moisturizing facial toners (in this case) that are able to give the skin various benefits in addition to the basic ones offered by each facial toner.

As you can read in the page dedicated to the best Korean toners, the main function of the toner is definitely to rebalance the pH of the skin barrier while helping to complete the cleansing process.

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You should know that being multi tasking is the big difference between toners made in Seoul and Western toners.  These revolutionary facial cosmetics are able to offer ancillary benefits depending on the goals of our routine thanks to a set of revolutionary technological findings. So in addition to the best Korean moisturizing facial toners, there is also a long list of facial toners with exfoliating, astringent or brightening action.

What Makes the Best Korean Moisturizing Facial Toners and Why Should Be  Employed it in a Skincare Routine?

i migliori tonici idratanti viso coreani

Let’s start by saying that the biggest feature of Korean facial moisturizing toners is that they are highly nourishing cosmetics. 

In general, the best Korean humectant toners for the face perform three functions:

  • They complete the cleansing process by ridding pores of excess sebum;
  • They restore the balance of the skin barrier;
  • They deeply moisturize the skin by integrating humectant principles.

But let’s explore in detail how it works in Korean Humectant Tonic.

The characteristic of Korean moisturizing toners lies in their high content of active humectant ingredients. A humectant is an ingredient that has the ability to attract and retain water deep down. In the case of Korean humectant toners, the pH-regulating action is accompanied by a strong moisturizing power that ensures that moisture is trapped directly in the depths of the skin barrier. 

For which skin type are Korean moisturizing facial toners most useful?

Moisturizing face toners are particularly suitable for dry and normal skin. However, these moisturizing toners can provide a real need for any skin type that needs to make an extra contribution to fighting oxidative stress and keeping itself young for a long time. Regardless of skin type.

How do I apply a moisturizing facial toner?

i migliori tonici idratanti viso coreani

Applying a Korean moisturizing facial toner is no different from the way you apply any Korean facial toner. 

However, there are two different schools of thought in applying facial toner: the first consists of applying the toner with a cotton pad, while the second involves the use of fingertips.

Let’s look at these techniques in detail and understand the pros and cons depending on the goal of maximizing the moisturizing contribution of the face toner. 

Method 1: Apply some toner to a pad and swipe it over the skin on your neck and face. This method is very useful if you intend to put more emphasis on completing the cleansing step.

Method 2: Apply the toner to your hands and pat it onto your neck and face to help it be absorbed by the skin. In this case, the product is more likely to reach the skin and penetrate deeply, and it is also facilitated to go in by the application through patting. Between the two methods, this one maximizes the moisturizing contribution of the Korean toner.

Does the moisturizing facial toner  goes before or after the moisturizer?

Talking about how to use the best Korean moisturizing facial toner a clarification should be made. You want to apply Korean facial moisturizing toner but which one goes first, “Toner or moisturizer first? ”

Between toner and moisturizer, it is the toner that always takes precedence. The fact that the toner has moisturizing properties does not subvert the order of application provided by Korean cosmetics. In fact, the primary function of the toner is and remains that of balancing the skin barrier by restoring its optimal levels after cleansing, making up for the overly energetic action of cleansers with a moisturizing contribution.

But then it is up to the combined action of essence, serum and moisturizer to make the most significant contribution to hydration. In particular then the moisturizer always goes at the end because it seals the valuable moisturizing factors deep into the skin. 

The Best Korean Moisturizing Facial Toners: Our Top 5

The moment you’ve been waiting for has finally arrived: here are the 5 Best Korean moisturizing facial toners just waiting to move into your beauty case in exchange for ever-healthy, youthful skin.
Discover them all, then choose the Korean moisturizing toner of your heart and carry it with you always.

Aromatica Rosemary Toner

BUY: Aromatica Rosemary Toner

An extract that uses organic Aloe vera and rosemary extract for a soothing and moisturizing action that works deep down to deliver a young and hydrated skin.

The natural nourishing properties of the ingredients remain unchanged thanks to a traditional yet innovative extraction method based on decoction. In this way, Aromatica’s Rosemary Toner combines a powerful soothing and energizing effect with an unparalleled moisturizing effect aimed at implementing and maintaining moisture deep within the skin.

Benton Green Tea Toner

BUY: Benton Green Tea Toner

This Korean moisturizing facial toner is so loved that it won for twice the podium at the Miloon K beauty Awards for the best Korean cosmetics of 2022 and of 2021. 


The secret of its success? The organic formulation based on green tea from the Baonseng region. The delicate effectiveness of this Korean face toner becomes extra moisturizing power thanks to the combined action of hyaluronic acid, centella asiatica, black willow extract and pomegranate. Hydrated skin is not an impossible quest anymore. This is and extra moisturizing tonic because it combines tradition and innovation: the two souls of Korean cosmetics that have decreed its global rise. Hydrated skin, here we come

The Lab Oligo Hyaluronic Acid 5000 Toner

BUY: The Lab Oligo Hyaluronic Acid 5000 Toner

Speaking of the Best Korean Moisturizing Facial Toners we could not keep The Lab out of the contest. If you’re looking for a facial toner capable of touching new highs when it comes to hydrated skin, then you’re sure to love The Lab Oligo Hyaluronic Acid 5000 

This multi-tasking Korean toner is part of the hyaluronic line, a pool of products designed for skin in particular need of hydration. The secret of this Asian cosmetic with a strong moisturizing action is the presence of hyaluronic acid in different molecular weights, a characteristic that directly increases its ability to penetrate the skin in depth.

Sundo Super Moisturizer Toner Recipe

BUY: Sundo Moisturizer Toner Recipe

When it comes to hydration and natural ingredients, you can’t miss Sundo Super Moisturizer Toner Recipe in fact means “Super Moisturizer Toner Recipe”. Hyaluronic acid, tea leaves, bamboo and betaine are the stars of this fantastic elixir for a young, soft and healthy skin. And if you add to this a mix of ingredients with regenerating and repairing power that fortifies the surface layer of the skin and has a powerful lightening action, the search for the best Korean humectant toner for the face ends here. 

Nacific Real Floral Toner Rose

BUY: Nacific Real Floral Toner Rose

Nacific Real Flower Rose Toner is based on Jeju Herb Complex contains Centella Asiatica and Jeju Herbal 7 Complex, a complex of skin-soothing herbal extracts including rosemary and chamomile from the legendary Korean volcanic island of Jeju.

Tiger grass is antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and reduces redness, while hyaluronic acid gives that hydration boost that will keep sensitive and stressed skin that also needs a major contribution of humectant factors happy.


The Korean moisturizing facial tonic perfectly embodies the dualism of Korean and, more generally, Asian cosmetics. While on the one hand it reinterprets the past by rediscovering ancient ingredients dear to tradition, on the other hand it manages to see ahead by leaning on the shoulders of technology that allows it to enrich its products with innovative features. Our selection of the five best Korean humectant toners for young, healthy skin takes these parameters into account for the happiness of your skin. Discover them today on miloon, the largest Korean cosmetics shop in Italy. 


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