The Skin Properties of Centella Asiatica in Korean Cosmetics.

The Benefits of Cica for the Skin Know no Boundaries.

The numerous properties of Centella Asiatica (gotu kola) in Korean cosmetics made this amazing ingredient one of the most loved herbs all over the world.

Also known as “tiger grass”, this plant has been used in traditional Asian medicine for centuries, but has only recently gained global popularity thanks to the influence of K-Beauty.

Cica, Tiger Grass or Gotu Kola: What is it and where does the Miraculous Herb of K Beauty come from?

Centella Asiatica is a perennial herb that grows mainly in Asia. Also known as Cica or Tiger Grass, Centella Asiatica  has both culinary and medicinal uses, but like many traditional plant extracts, it is gaining popularity as a skin care ingredient.

Centella Asiatica’s Properties for the Skin.

Centella Asiatica has so many benefits for the skin. In fact, Cica is rich in beneficial nutrients for the skin, including antioxidants, essential fatty acids and vitamins. These elements ensure that Centella Asiatica is able to protect and regenerate the skin. In particular theSpark Asian in Korean cosmetics has the following properties:

  • Moisturizes and nourishes the skin
  • improve elasticity
  • calm irritations
  • it has an anti-inflammatory action
  • useful against acne, redness and skin allergies
  • fight oxidative stress and the signs of aging
  • lighten the skin and even out the complexion
  • fight hyperpigmentation
  • defeats dandruff and gives shine to hair

Centella Asiatica-based Korean Cosmetics Help Skin Regeneration.

Centella Asiatica is able to protect and regenerate the skin, improving its elasticity and overall appearance.

Korean cosmetics containing centella have become a popular choice for those looking for natural and effective skin care products. One of the main benefits of cetella asiatica  is its ability to soothe and calm sensitive and irritated skin.


Probably browsing Korean beauty blogs and sites, you will have come across madecassoside. Well, this skin soothing agent is but one of the active compounds in gotu kola, along with asiaticoside.

These ingredients have been proven to have anti-inflammatory properties:a factor that makes them ideal for treating conditions such as acne, redness and skin allergies.

Gotu Kola in Korean Cosmetics Helps Wound Healing.

Additionally, gotu kola can also speed up the healing process of wounds, reducing the risk of scarring.

Centella Asiatica-based Korean Cosmetics Fights the Emergence of the Signs of the Times.

In addition to these soothing properties, gotu kola has been shown to have anti-aging effects on the skin. The antioxidants present in this herb help fight free radicals, which are among the main causes of skin aging.

This means that the use of cosmetics containing centella can help reduce wrinkles, fine lines and skin discolorations, giving the skin a younger and more radiant appearance.

Centella Asiatica-based Korean Cosmetics Promotes Skin Hydration.

But that’s not all: gotu kola is also an ingredient that promotes skin hydration.

Centella Asiatica-based Korean Cosmetics Promotes Collagen Production.

Centella Asiatica has a marked ability to increase collagen production and elastin In this way it can improve the state of the skin barrier, retaining moisture and preventing dryness.

This makes Cica particularly suitable for those with dry or dehydrated skin, who can greatly benefit from the use of Korean cosmetics based on this miraculous medicinal plant.

Gotu kola in Korean cosmetics has a brightening effect.

Centella asiatica is also known for its lightening and skin-evening properties. Its active components can reduce skin discolorations, such as age spots or acne scars, giving the skin a more uniform and luminous appearance.

Centella Asiatica-based Korean Cosmetics Help Fights Hyperpigmentation.

Furthermore, the extract of this herb can also help fight hyperpigmentation, balancing the production of melanin and reducing the appearance of dark spots.

Centella Asiatica-based Korean Cosmetics Fights Dandruff, Promotes Hair Regrowth and Makes It Shiny.

In addition to the benefits for the skin, Cica also has positive effects on the scalp and hair itself.

It can improve blood circulation and collagen production in the scalp, promoting healthy hair growth. Also, Centella Asiatica helps hydrate the scalp and prevent dandruff, leaving hair stronger and shinier.


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Conclusion: Centella Asiatica’s Benefits for the Skin.

In conclusion, the explosion of phenomenon of K Beauty made the world to fall in love of the multiple benefits of Centella Asiatica for the skin.

From its soothing and hydrating effects, to its ability to fight aging and even out skin, this Asian herb offers a natural and effective solution to a variety of skin concerns.

If you love cosmetics based on natural ingredients as much as we do, Centella Asiatica can’t be missing from your beauty case

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