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It’s Giulia aka @Skinchan_skincare. Today I’m gonna talk about a product I’ve been raving about from a loooot of time: A by Bom masks. I’m so happy Miloon has started selling them in its shop! Please go check them if you’re interested!

Why are A. by Bom masks different from other sheet masks?

Have you ever heard about multimasking? Multimasking means using more than one mask – sheetmask in this case – at the same time to satisfy all our skin needs.
For example: if your cheek area is dry, but your T-Zone tends to be oily, multimasking is the way to treat both parts of your face at the same time! Isn’t it cool?


A. by BOM masks are 2-in-1 masks made with 2 small patches in the shape of peach flowers, leaves or orange flowers to treat targeted spots and a full size sheet mask or cream mask to apply all over your face.

In this line of masks you can find:

1) A. by BOM Ultra Floral Leaf mask – rich in rose, lotus and camellia extracts to give elasticity to your skin and make it glow (2 floral patches + full size sheet mask).
2) A. by BOM Ultra Cool Leaf mask – rich in lemon, mint, basil and green apple extracts to firm up and lift your skin (2 leaves patches + full size sheet mask).
3) A. by BOM Ultra Night Leaf mask – contains orange flowers extract to fight fine lines and brighten your complexion (2 floral patches + night pack cream).

 Two steps aren’t enough for your skin? A. by BOM designed a three-step mask too! I’m talking about the Ultra Moisture Mask, made with eye serum (1st step), soothing cream (2nd step) and a full size sheet mask (3rd step). This mask is the Holy Grail for those who struggle with dark circles, fine lines and dull skin. 


— Here’s my opinion about these masks –
I’ll be honest with you: these masks are AH-MAZING.

My favorite one is the Ultra Floral Leaf Mask, because I love the way it’s designed and also because I like my skin to be brighter as possible and this mask is the perfect one to achieve this result. After using it I noticed an instant glowing effect, but I also felt my skin healthier and plumper. I really really suggest it to everyone, even to those who have sensitive skin like mine.  I also loved the concept of the 3-step Ultra Moisture Mask, because using a sheet mask over the eye serum and cream makes them absorb until the last drop into the skin. 

All the masks didn’t leave any sticky residue and didn’t clog my pores or broke me out. Since there will be a lot of left over serum, here’s my very own tip not to waste it: put it in a small container and store it in your fridge. It will be a wonderful essence to use the next morning.

Please follow me on IG, as I’ll update full in depth reviews on all the masks of this line in the next days. 


It’s Giulia here (@skinchan_skincare on IG).
I’m a 25 years old girl currently living in Milan, who spent her last 5 years studying Japanese (I also lived in Japan for a while). I’ve always been interested in asian skincare (mostly korean skincare – sorry Japan) and I like to call myself “skincare guinea pig”, because I love testing new products and review them on my IG page.