miloon 7 skin method blog

You’ll be loving Layering. Even if you don’t now! Why? Did you know layering helps your skin to drink in all the product? So yet  can absorb each step in the best way.
This means less time less money, more radiance and more plump. Follow the Original Korean 7-layers method in 4 steps.

Try it along with us.

Step 1: Cleanse your face as you normally would.

Step 2: Pat face dry (or air dry). Use a cotton pad to apply the first layer of toner when your face is slightly damp. Starting from the inside of your face toward your nose and sweep upwards and outwards.


miloon 7 skin method blog

Step 3: Use your hands to press the second layer of toner in drop in your palms, and pat it into skin. Wait a short amount of time between the steps from the product to be absorbed, when your face feels a little damp versus very wet.

Step 4: Repeat five more times. After that seventh layer, use your other serum or a moisturizer.

Tip: Some do the seven-skin method weekly and do a three- or five-skin method every other day.