K-Beauty 101: Essence.

All about the fifth step of the Korean Beauty Routine.



The Essence is the category of product that, more than any other, marks a watershed between Western cosmetics and Korean cosmetics. It is essential to all intents and purposes to obtain a bright and moisturized skin. The journey continues through the fundamentals of Korean Beauty at K-Beauty 101. Let’s go into detail together and fully understand its importance. Read more and select the perfect essence for your skin. Always on miloon.eu.

What is the Essence in Korean Cosmetics.

The essence is the fifth of 10 steps of the Korean beauty routine. It consists of a product rich in extracts and other active ingredients, often natural and highly technological, that promote cell renewal. Its first peculiarity is its light consistency, specifically formulated to facilitate the penetration of these important principles, even deeper. Its second feature is instead the high moisturizing power, which also has an anti-ageing action, benefit that is accompanied by an instantaneous feeling of pleasant well-being for the skin.

Is Essence good for the skin?

Absolutely. All Korean women are crazy about the essence because it softens the skin and promotes a strong illuminating action.

When to use the Essence.

The Essence follows the Toner and precedes treatments such as Serums and Ampoules in the 10 steps of the Korean beauty ritual. The essence is an integral part of the morning routine, as well as of the evening routine.

How to apply the Essence.

The best way to apply the Essence is to go Korean Style, so to make sure to help the skin to do a better job of absorbing all its amazing ingredients. In fact,  Korean women traditionally use, because it helps the skin to do a better job of absorbing all its amazing ingredients. Pour three or five drops onto the palm of your hand, then rub them gently to warm the product and tap on your  skin. This technique makes it possible to reactivate the circulation, so that the absorption is higher.   

How to choose the perfect essence for my skin?

The first rule for choosing the perfect essence for you is to know your skin type. In fact, as you can read in this article, there are 5 different types of skin: normal, dry, oily, mixed, sensitive. Next, select your essence according to what your goals are and the benefits you want to achieve, such as if your skin has an acne tendency or if you are trying to revive its complexion. There’s a perfect essence for every one of us.


Delivering so many benefit to our skin, the Essence is such fondamental step for every Korean skincare regimen. Check out the infographic summing up all the main bullet points and make sure to go for the product that will most your radiance to the max, as usual, in miloon.eu