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We can’t repeat it often enough. When it comes to cleanliness, it’s never enough. That’s why we love the Missha line of Cleansing oils so much. Discover the Off line: Peel, to exfoliate the skin and brighten the face; Dust, for the protection of delicate skin; Blackhead, to remove the accumulation of sebum, blackheads and impurities. They’re just great. Super efficient, easy to use, the products of this line do not require double cleansing because each one, can eliminate both makeup and impurities residues

THE LINE OFF BY MISSHA: Deep Cleansing, Smart Cleansing.

The products in the Off line have a truly smart formulation, which blends efficiency and naturalness. Moreover, these are super easy to use. Simply pump the cleansing oil onto the palm of your hand and apply it to your dry face, dissolving the makeup and massaging your face. Just add a little water, continuing to rub until the color becomes milky, then rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. They’ll make your skin happy.

Missha Peel Off.

Peel Off by Misha is an illuminated cleansing oil, for a deep cleansing of skincare to eliminate dead skin cells thanks to its exfoliating power. Its light formula does not cause irritation and does not contain the 6 types of parabens, mineral oils and synthetic flavours that can damage the skin. BHA Acid allows make-up removal thanks to the 2X Melting System: a combination of polar and non-polar oils to improve the effectiveness of the product and remove not only BB creams, but also eyeliners, pencils and lipsticks.

Its innovative formula.

Deep cleansing to solve skin problems caused by the external environment, but if Missha Peel Off is so effective for its innovative formulation based on rosebud oil, appleseed oil BHA. acids. that effectively remove dead skin, restoring the skin a healthy and radiant appearance. Specifically:

The Damask Rose Sprout is one of the oldest varieties of rose and is native to the Middle East. The collection of the buds is carried out from 4.00 a.m. until 9.00 a.m., because at that time the buds are not completely open and remain fresh thanks to the dew. This flower is rich in beneficial and cosmetic properties: it is an excellent moisturizer, highlyrecommended for dry skin; it is a fantastic elasticizer, it is simply wonderful for those who have problems with stretch marks or to prepare the skin for pregnancy; is also used as an anti-inflammatory and vasoconstrictor for redness and couperose;

Apple seed oil cold pressing of apple seeds; it has a very delicate scent and is yellow-golden color has hypo-glycaemic properties, stimulating the production of collagen and bone density, regenerating the skin and cells and for this reason is very suitable for mature, dry, sensitive or tired skin.

Vitamin C: a powerful antioxidant that can help increase collagen production and protect against the harmful effects of free radicals.

BHA Acids: BHA acids (Beta Hydroxy Acids) act on the surface of the skin and inside the pores. They are soluble in oil. These are suitable for normal and oily skin, subject to shocks, imperfections and enlarged pores. The BHA has excellent natural calming properties. It is delicate and suitable for sensitive skin subject to redness and rosacea.


Missha Dust Off.

Dust Off by Missha is a cleansing make-up removal oil for skin care, especially sensitive skin.  The mix of ingredients such as Abyssinian blueberry oil and chamomile oil are combined with the patented Polustop formula, designed to remove impurities and protect the skin.

The secret of Misha Dust Off lies in its light formula, which does not cause irritation. In fact, it does not contain 6 types of parabens, mineral oil, synthetic flavourings.

Misha Dust Off promotes effective makeup removal with the 2X Melting System: a combination of polar and non-polar oils to increase product effectiveness and the ability to remove not only BB creams, but also eyeliners, pastels, dyes and lipsticks.

The watchword of Misha Dust off is delicacy, thanks to the mix of ingredients dedicated to the respect of sensitive skin.

Abyssinian essential oil is extracted by mechanic al cold pressing from Abyssinian Crambe, an oily plant native to the Mediterranean area.

This oil is rich in Omega 3 and 6, and also contains a high percentage of Euric acid, which makes it resistant to oxidation, heat and promotes absorption without greasy. Italso cleanses and protects the skin from the effects of the cold of external agents. Increases the brightness of the skin and makes it soft without clogging the pores; Excellent or dry skin, it is easily absorbed by the skin and leaves a protective waterproof film on the skin.

Chamomile Oil is known for its soothing and antibacterial, disinfectant and anti-inflammatory properties in homes with irritated skin, psoriasis that soothes irritated skin.

Finally, Missha’s patented Polustop formula is a branched high molecular weight deacetylated polysaccharide that forms a non-occlusive film on the skin surface. It optimizes the effectiveness and structure of the matrix and improves the texture, creating a protective barrier on the skin that protects it from air pollution, UV rays and domestic pollution. This product is perfect for enhancing anti-ageing, anti-pollution and daily protective treatments.


Missha Blackhead Off.

Finally, Missha Super Off Cleansing Oil Blackhead Off is a cleansing oil that promotes a deep cleansing that also eliminates the most resistant make up, which removes excess sebum and blackheads with natural oils.

Such a deep cleansing could not be possible without a mix of natural ingredients perfect for preventing irritation and helping the most sensitive skins such as apricot seed oil, tea tree leaf oil and Moringa oil. For fresh, clean and soft skin everyday.

Apricot oil, in fact, is a natural elasticizer, emollient and protective. Perfect for particularly dry skin, it stimulates the production of sebum and regulates the hydrolipidic film, essential for the health of the epidermis. It is also perfect as a natural anti-wrinkle, helping to deeply moisturize the skin and fighting free radicals, preventing the natural signs of aging.

Tea Leaf Oil has an important antibacterial effect and is functional against some skin diseases – from acne, to blackheads, up to psoriasis.

Moringa olifera, the anti-aging elixir is a tropical plant (entirely edible) with leaves, fruits and seeds rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals. Moringa oil is rich in numerous protein substances and vitamins A and C in addition to fatty acids, has an excellent protein content, with almost all essential amino acids (monounsaturated fats (and polyunsaturated (omega 3 and 6), as well as a high content of iron, calcium and potassium. In addition, it is very rich in antioxidants, particularly useful in combating aging. In fact, the seeds contain high amounts of isothiocyanates or sets of extraordinary anti-ageing and anti-irritative properties that are strong activators of Nrt2 factor, a powerful protein that provides support to stressed skin in anti-aging function.


Whatever the nature of your skin and its specific needs, you know you can fully satisfy them with Missha Off line cleansing oils: Peel, to exfoliate the skin and brighten the face; Dust, for the protection of delicate skin; Blackhead. Discover it now on