Double Cleansing: What it is and How to Do the Korean Cosmetic Technique for Perfect Skin.

Double Cleansing is proof that K beauty Can Save Your Skin.



Tell me you don’t know Double Cleansing, without telling me you don’t know Double Cleansing.

Have you ever found your pillowcase stained with mascara and several streaks of foundation in the morning? When you apply toner, do you feel like you are removing make-up and not caring for your skin? 

Then you surely never heard of Double Cleansing, the traditional Korean technique for a healthy skin. 

Maybe you haven’t tried it so far because you think it takes so long, but that’s a lie. 

An average single wash takes 30 seconds. The Double Clean takes less than a minute. 

What if we told you that Double Cleansing is the key to maximizing the effect of the products in your routine? We bet you’re eager to find out more. 

Follow the special appointment dedicated to K-Beauty 101, and become a pro of Double Cleansing.

What is Double Cleansing and What Does it Consist of?

The Double Cleanse consists of washing your face twice: first with an oil-based cleanser and then with a water-based cleanser. In fact, cleansing is one of the most important steps: in fact, the Korean Beauty Routine is based on the double cleansing method: a truly effective practice because it prepares the skin for the subsequent facial care steps, and keeps it healthy and radiant.

How is Double Cleansing Done?

We proceed in two steps. First with an oil-based cleaner then with a water-based cleaner.

The First Step.

The first rule of Double Cleansing?  “The oil dissolves the oil”.

The oil in the cleanser is attracted to the fat in the sebaceous glands and cleanses them deeply without removing lipids and ceramides.

Start by removing your makeup with a cleansing oil or balm. 

Massage the face to increase circulation and obtain brighter and firmer skin. But be warned: Avoid coconut oil-based cleansers – they could clog your pores.

The second step.

The second rule of Double Cleansing?  “Water Rinses off Water Based Debris” 

It’s finally time to wash water-based debris away, the ones that oil doesn’t eliminate.

When Should You Do Double Cleansing?

Double Cleansing is a must in any beauty regime devoted to healthy skin. Remember to do it at least twice a day, usually once in the morning and once in the evening, then continue with the other steps. Double cleansing is always important and gives different benefits depending on the time of day it is performed. Indeed, in the morning to remove the sebum accumulated from the skin, in the evening, to remove the impurities collected from the skin during the day.

How Should You Do Double Cleansing?

It’s very simple. Just use sweetness. Massage dry skin with circular movements, add warm water to emulsify and rinse.

Conclusion: Why is Double Cleansing Important?

Washing your face once doesn’t get rid of all the dirt. You need to make sure that the layer of sebum, sunscreen and makeup separates so that the ingredients in the products can take effect. 

Top Korean dermatologists claim that acne, excess sebum production and other skin problems could be eliminated with proper cleansing. Never miss these daily rituals with your skin, to make it always beautiful.


Oil-based Cleansers.

Water-based Cleansers.


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