MAY COOP: 100% organic touching power from maple.

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May Coop is a best selling K-Beauty brand that has taken the market by storm with its innovative all-natural products. We recently introduced you to Raw Sauce, the super nourishing hydrating wonder that should never miss in your beauty. Along with that there’s a long list of amazing products from May Coop for any hydration need of yours, namely masks, eye contour cream, and day creams…

The secret behind May Coop is its unique formula. While most skincare brands employs water, May Coop use maple tree sap as the main ingredient in its entire skincare line. The name May Coop is because maple tree sap is collected in spring for maximum potency, hence the “May” in May Coop. Maple Tree Sap is loaded with nourishing and revitalizing nutrients and its high absorbability property.

The natural fluid extracted from plants and trees, sap is like breast milk for humans. It helps plants and trees sprout or bear fruits. Sap by all means delicate, healthy and safe.

MSE is a form of all natural sugar contained in maple tree sap (about 2%). It works as a coat, while it prevents skin moisture from vaporizing. It is like we spread sugar on fruits daily, to prevent discoloration and water vaporization and avoid skin dryness.

MSE is totally contains no artificial and chemical synthesis. It is a 100% organic moisturizer straight from mother nature.

Did you know?

The size of maple sap molecules is 89HZ, almost the exact same size as our bodily fluids . This results in a stronger osmotic resulting in better and deeper absorption.