The different types of wrinkles: why they form and how to prevent them.

Wrinkles are perhaps the most common concern when it comes to skin care. That’s why the miracle anti-wrinkle cream, the one that ensures flawless skin, is definitely the first cosmetic product category that comes to mind even for those who are skin care novices.

Today we want to take a closer look at wrinkles, the tip of the iceberg in the endless world of anti-ageing. But before we understand how to combat wrinkles, we need to understand why they occur and the main categories into which they can be divided. This is the only way to truly understand which anti-wrinkle product is perfect for your skin type.

The main types of wrinkles:

Have you ever wondered what the main types of wrinkles are and how they form?

Let’s start by saying that not all wrinkles are the same.

They can be classified into 4 main types of wrinkles:

Fine lines
neck wrinkles
forehead wrinkles
crow’s feet.
There are many reasons to take your skin care seriously.

Turgidity, glowing skin and even skin tone are all indicators of young skin, but nothing says “Forever Young” like the absence of fine lines and wrinkles.

These fine lines can appear on the forehead, at the corners of the eyes and around the mouth for a variety of reasons. It doesn’t matter what they stem from: the right skin care can help delay the appearance of these lines and soften those that have already appeared.

But before you turn to skincare to curb the drama of wrinkles, it’s important to understand what they are. Different areas of our face can show the signs of ageing in different ways.

Crow’s feet and fine lines around the eyes.

Crow’s feet are the V-shaped lines that appear at the outer corners of our eyes. They tend to be more pronounced when we smile or squint, because they are ‘dynamic’ wrinkles, made more obvious by frequent movement and expression in the eye area.

Crow’s feet can also be made worse by sun damage. This is why the advice to apply sunscreen is always very important. However, sunscreen alone is not enough when it comes to keeping the skin around the eyes healthy and smooth.

Since squinting due to poor vision or exposure to bright light can cause these lines to thicken, it is important to take care of the health of the eyes themselves. This means regular check-ups at the optician if you have less than perfect 10/10 vision, wearing contact lenses and glasses if necessary, and finding sunglasses with UV 400 protection (which blocks both the UVA rays that cause wrinkles and the UVB rays that cause cancer).

Conversely, those who can see well will be less likely to develop them.

How to prevent crow’s feet.

If you’ve had a particularly rough day in terms of exposing your eyes to light – perhaps you’ve been staring at a computer screen for too long, or you forgot your sunglasses on a trip to the beach – try treating tired eyes with a moisturising eye patch, such as Skin 79 Collagen Hydrogel Patch.

These miracle patches contain marine collagen and 24k gold that perfectly hydrate sensitive, dull skin, helping to fill in any fine lines that may have formed in this softest area of the face.

Eye patches are a quick and practical remedy for smoothing out wrinkles and brightening the eye contour.

However, to maximise their effect, it is important to combine their use with eye creams containing ingredients capable of increasing collagen production and moisturising in depth.

The champions of clean cosmetics Benton Fermentation Eye Cream – based on fermented ingredients – or Benton Snail Bee Ultimate Eye Cream which maximises the contribution of snail slime and bee venom are always good choices to boost the plumping effect around the eyes.

Technological research is at the forefront in Mizon’s Isn’t Tree TW Eye Cream and Collagen Power Eye Firming Cream with ingredients that increase collagen production and deeply moisturise.

For those who love tradition, the fermented ingredients in Missha’s Geum Sul Vitalizing Eye Cream are a must.

And then there’s Neogen Black Energy Cream, a dark fruit and hyaluronic acid-based face cream with a firming and moisturising effect which is perfect for use around the eye area and on critical areas where expression lines form.

Thin lines on the forehead.

If you are an overly expressive person, chances are you have noticed how your forehead tends to wrinkle, especially when you are surprised, stressed or confused. These wrinkles start as slight lines on the forehead, but can become something permanent without preventive measures. Exfoliation using AHAs – glycolic acid – is a great way to soften these lines and give your skin a smoother appearance.

How to prevent them.

Of course, the best way to prevent these lines is to make sure you always wear sunscreen.

Exposure to UVA rays is the fastest way to permanent cosmetic damage to the skin, and an unprotected forehead is more likely to wrinkle faster.

Combine your favourite daily sunscreen with the regular use of antioxidant products, such as vitamin A and vitamin C. These will help your skin protect itself from free radicals – those pesky, ageing-causing particles your skin is exposed to through air pollution and UV rays.

When you notice the first fine lines on your forehead try Neogen Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Wine. This is one of the top products for smoothing out these lines as it combines the exfoliating power of AHA with the antioxidant properties of reservatrol, an ingredient found naturally in wine that helps fight free radicals in the skin.

Alternatively, you can introduce an exfoliating acid-based toner into your routine. Korean toners, multi-tasking by definition, are simply fantastic when it comes to protecting the skin barrier and providing ancillary benefits such as exfoliation. It was Korean tonics that introduced the world to AHA and BHA acids, the gentle promoters of glowing, healthy skin.

An example?

By Wishtrend Mandelic Acid 5% Skin Prep Water, which is designed to be used daily even by those whose skin is more sensitive.

Or another good choice is COSRX AHA/BHA Vitamin C Daily Toner, which in addition to its gentle exfoliating function also provides a boost of antioxidants such as Vitamin C.

Smile expression lines and lines around the mouth.

Our mouths move a lot during the day. When. we talk, eat we smile or frown. The forehead is a very expressive area of the face and of course, the skin around our lips is more prone to showing lines quickly if it is not properly cared for. Staying hydrated is definitely the first important step in keeping these fine lines to a minimum.

How to prevent them.

The first tip is to drink enough water and ingest moisture-boosting foods such as lettuce, watermelon, cucumber, broccoli and pineapple.

You should know that fine lines form more quickly if you have drier skin, because they are more evident on the taut, flaky surface. That’s why in these cases it is important to gently exfoliate on a regular basis and ensure that the skin’s moisture is regularly replenished.

Look for products based on retinoids, a version of vitamin A, or on ingredients that stimulate collagen production and vitamin C.  An example?

Galactomyces Pure Vitamin C Glow Serum by Some by Mi or Time Revolution Time Repair 5X by Missha, which rejuvenates your skin while you sleep and works against the 10 signs of ageing, thanks to the effectiveness of the patented Extreme Biome active ingredient, made up of 10 fermented active ingredients plus precious Bifida ferment lysate.

Then there’s Mizon Collagen Power Lifting Cream, an anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle treatment that uses naturally sourced ingredients and a high concentration of 75% marine collagen for firm, supple skin.  .

But no list would be complete without Missha ChoGinJin, the world’s best-known Korean anti-ageing cosmetic based on a mix of traditional Chinese medicine ingredients which, as you’ll read in the many 5-star reviews, really does transform the skin.

Neck lines.

Checking your phone too frequently could be an insidious cause of neck lines. It is the phenomenon that Americans call “Tech neck” which describes the deep lines along the neck region that occur due to staring at our phones too much, or due to generally poor posture.

How to prevent them.

Minimising time spent in front of the screen and working to correct your posture will help keep your neck smooth and stretched, but wrinkles can still occur because the neck is so often left out of most routines!

Give your neck some love. Remember: your K-beauty routine doesn’t end with your face. And sunscreen is no exception: it’s the number one secret to helping you keep your neck young and smooth.

A mineral sunscreen like Some by Mi Truecica Mineral Calming Tone-Up is 85% moisturising essence and contains extracts of Centella Asiatica, Tea Tree, Lavender Oil, Mugwort and Wormwood to control sebum production and keep the skin purified. In addition, extra Niacinamide keeps the skin plump and firm.

In addition, at least once a week, extend a gentle treatment to the décolleté and neck to be combined with a moisturising serum applied with gentle upward strokes. Black Snail Collagen Serum is a serum in the form of a light gel rich in snail slime to revitalise the skin. It also contains adenosine which improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


Certainly, they are a sign of maturity and wisdom, but let’s be serious, wrinkles have to be fought. And like all wars, a strategy needs to be put in place that focuses not only on attack, but also on prevention.

In general, daily sunscreen and antioxidant-rich skincare products are your best friends in the fight against all types of wrinkles.

Exfoliation can also help improve the overall appearance of the skin, particularly in drier complexions that tend to flake and tighten.

Remember to include vitamin C and vitamin E products in your routine, which stimulate collagen production and keep free radicals in check.

Most importantly: don’t wait until it’s too late. Start defending your skin now. Always and only… on


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