SPRING SKIN AWAKES: Lighten up your Moisturizer.



Spring has sprung and it’s time to go to a lighten up our moisturizer game. Let’s detoxify our dry and itchy skin to make way for the bonus moisture that comes with the new season.  After focusing on the importance of regular exfoliation to switch to the warmer day it now time to face another skincare crucial issue: moisturizer. With warmer climes comes longer days and (hopefully) a touch more sun exposure so it’s important to reassess your skincare for the brighter days ahead. Lightening up our moisturizer is a  staple  of every transition skincare that could result in a more healthy skin that is more willing to get te “glow” status. Let’s dive into the third chapter of the miloon guide dedicated to moisturizers in the spring transition routine.

Why Lightening Up Your Moisturizer In springtime?

With months of cold air and drying indoor heating almost behind us, it’s time to switch gears from winter’s ultra-rich creams and serums, and freshen up your personalized skincare routine for the season to come

During the warmer months our skin tends to hold more water so, as a rule, you don’t need as much hydration. Instead, swap our your heavy winter cream for a light moisturizer that will allow your skin to breathe.

For skin, that means dropping heavy winter creams in favor of warm-weather moisturizers that address transitional needs from extra UV exposure to humidity-induced breakouts without skimping on hydration.

Springtime Skin and Lighter Moisturizers.

When weather warms up, our skin becomes more prone to excess oil and sweat that lead to acne and breakouts. Now is the perfect period to transition away from the heavy, oil-based moisturizers you’ve been using to attack dryness all winter long, and see the light: swap your ultra-hydrating cream for a personalized skin care to hydrate without weighing skin or clogging pores. Have specific concerns or skin conditions such as cystic acne, face redness, or dehydrated skin?

Product Focus: “Peptide No-Sebum Repair Cream by d’Alba”.D'alba peptide no-sebum repair cream

Peptide No-Sebum Repair Cream by d’Alba” moisturizer was designed with combination and sensitive skin types in mind.  Perfect for Oily and combination skin, this formula features ingredients that control sebum like calamine powder (which also has soothing effects) and improve cell turnover by gently removing dead skin cells like BHAs. White truffle, low molecular peptides and 20 essential amino acids and minerals also help firm and improve skin elasticity and wrinkles.

The fast-absorbing, nourishing cream keeps skin slightly acidic to help prevent bacteria from breeding and causing skin issues.

Frudia Cream in Mist.frudia pomegranate nutri-moisturizing cream in mist

It is good for all types of skin, easy to use, and ready to moist your skin in every situation!

If you would like to use the cream that will also brighten up your skin you should try.

Frudia Citrus Brightening Cream.frudia citrus Brightening cream

Brightening cream containing 61% citrus extracts citrus extract. Vitamin C contained in the product will smooth and visibly illuminate your skin. Mango seed oil will revitalize and provide an optimal level of hydration. This cream has really unique light formula that resembles a mandarin smoothie.

Another cream perfect for all skin types.

Blithe Inbetween Hydro Priming.

Blithe inbetween hydro priming creamThis bouncy gel-cream hybrid moisturizes skin without a greasy feel to create a smooth, makeup-ready canvas. Bifida Ferment extract, a unique probiotic, works to lock moisture in the skin while protecting it against pollution, as Squalane and Ceramides continue to nourish and protect the skin barrier. Skin is primed and prepared for you to have fun with makeup, or to deeply hydrate in your next nighttime skincare steps.

LGH Vita Propolis Cream.

LEEGEEHAAM VITA PROPOLIS CREAMThis cream is perfect choice for dry-skin type as it is not too heavy and too light. A multi-tasking, glow-creating cream with 50% Propolis extract, which is naturally antioxidant and flavonoid rich. Provides an instant “gwang” (dewy glow in Korean) and revitalizes fatigued skin and improves fine lines.

Why should you avoid no Lightening up your Moisturizer.

The summer heat makes the skin dry and dehydrated our body, and the dry skin is subject to damage and opacity.

Moisturizers act as a barrier to pollutants, bacteria and if you’ve forgotten about sunscreen help with sunburn.

Whether you have dry skin in the winter, oily skin when the humidity sky rockets, or normal skin year-round, the one thing your skin care routine needs is a hydrating moisturizer.

By failing to moisturize your skin you may risk stripping your complexion of necessary hydration, which can cause everything from an overproduction of oil if it feels dehydrated or dry, dead skin cell buildup on skin’s surface.

If you have a tendency to get oily/combination skin you can shorten your routine with just Toner, Essence and Serum and skip moisturizer as skin is not that dry.

In this case you can.

Blithe: Vital Treatment 9 Essential Seeds.

Packed with 9 super-seeds working to reveal brighter skin, this treatment essence can be applied to the face directly after cleansing and toning and followed with a moisturizer. Baobab seed contains high levels of illuminating and brightening Vitamin C, along with extracts of hyper-pigmentation busting Evening Primrose Oil and natural antibiotic Fennel seed, making this treatment ideal for troubled skin types and for those with uneven complexions and dark spots.

Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner.

Klairs supple preparation facial tonerKlairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner is a light, hydrating tonic of the face provides the skin with the right pH.

A tonic based on plant extracts. it does not irritate the skin and soothe and moisturize the face.

It is the winner of the title “Best of Beauty Awards 2016” in the Soko Glam poll and the number 1 among toners according to GLOWPICK.

Frudia: Avocado Relief Essence Toner.

By containing avocado extract with abundant amino acid ingredient (76%) instead of water, this toner supplies nutrition to tender skin which has become exhausted from stress.
Frudia Avocado Relief Essence Toner will help heighten the defending ability of the skin itself
, and it takes care for dry skin, while plant ingredients which include Jeju green complex and medecassoside help calm down sensitive skin.

This highly-nutritional skin dressing essence toner, which fully contains the nutrients of the avocado, has completed skin irritation test, and thus, can be used on sensitive skin with ease.

Clean skin comes first.

Don’t forget that clean skin is healthy skin. Make sure you follow our advice for a skin as clear as. Discover Double Cleansing and Triple Cleansing, the Korean beauty routine for clear skin.

Double cleansing is that Korean beauty ritual that consists of a deep cleansing given not by a simple passage of detergents, but by the use of two different cleansers: one oil-based, to remove the remains of makeup and other impurities, followed by a water-based cleanser to remove hydrophilic elements. Triple Cleansing consists of cleaning using three separate cleansers. This triple cleaning process involves starting with a cleansing makeup removal towel, followed by a cleansing oil and then ending with a gel or foam cleaner.

Missha Super Aqua Perfect Cleansing Water in Tissue.

These delicate make-up remover wipes that quickly remove makeup and other contaminants leaving the skin moisturized and clean thanks to the extracts of aloe and cucumber. Easy to take anywhere, they are a real turning point, when you need to bring our routine on the go.

Huangjisoo Pure Perfect Cleansing Oil.

As the second step, we find an oily detergent, to gently eliminate the deep makeup, the sebum and dead cells without irritation. Miloon offers many options from the best brands like the very natural Huangjisoo brand, of which we recommend Pure Perfect Cleansing Oil because of its delicacy.

Klairs Moist Foaming Cleanser. Klairs Rich Moist foaming Cleanser

Finally, a foam detergent. The iconic Klairs Moist Foaming Cleanser is a timeless classic, because it is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive ones. Yet on miloon you can find many alternatives.

Massage your face.

Improve circulation for brighter and more youthful skin. This wellness approach goes beyond just using skincare products. Rather than simply applying a product make sure your skin absorbs the product to achieve that glowy finish. For this massaging technique, there’s nothing better than nutritious essence like this May coop Raw Sauce. This essence is full of antioxidants and free radicals that support cell-regeneration. It also has a silky smooth non-sticky texture that allows it to be quickly absorbed into the skin. The maple tree sap particles in this essence helps prep skin to better absorb your other products & leaves the skin looking more hydrated and dewy.

Product Focus: May Coop Raw Sauce.May Coop raw sauce

May Coop Raw Sauce is a High concentration skin essence that activates skin vitality by confining moisture and nutrients deep inside.

It is an all-in-one product. It gathers the power of and essence, toner and an emulsion in a single tiny bottle. One of K-Beauty’s fastest selling products, it has rapidly earned a cult status for its miraculous effects.

May Coop Raw Sauce’s main ingredient is maple tree sap. With a solid 93% content, maple sap is great for skin, as it deliver a better absorption, as its molecule are smaller and allows better absorption from the skin.  It’s available in the classic and travel size, for those that need this miracle-worker to be always with them. This is perfect also for the man who doesn’t want to follow all the steps of the beauty routine, but wants a plump and bright skin.


We can sum up that any self-respecting spring transition skincare regimen should adapt to climate change, to ensure that the skin can always be healthy and shiny. As we saw in the second episode, regular exfoliation is a necessary step to get rid of the dead cells accumulated on the epidermis during the winter. In addition, switching to a lighter moisturizer may prove to be a winning move to avoid blackheads, acne and breakouts. Fundamental steps such as determine and tip how to massage the face with a tonic such as May Coop Raw Sauce can prove decisive in bringing our skin to a radiant skin.