Get ready to discover a new sensorial universe. We re thrilled to welcome the fantastic modeling masks by Shangpree, one of the most prominent brands on the K-Beauty scene. Thanks to its luxuriant products designed to make you experience the same experience of a premium treatment in an exclusive spa. The watchword is premium. Gold, Diamonds and Black Pearls. Rejuvenate your skin in just 5 minutes.

This series of masks is the latest version of the best-selling product by Shangpree, the premium modeling mask. These modeling masks are “rubber masks”, thanks to their ability to transform a gelatinous substance into a thick and rubbery mask that seals nutrients deeply into the skin.

Using them is very simple. [1] Gel and [2] ampoule in a bowl and mix well the gel with the ampoule for about 30 seconds. Now, evenly distribute the mask on the face (about 3 mm thick) within 5 minutes, the time required for this mixture to start a solid. You can apply the product on closed eyes and lips). Now leave the mask on for 30-40 minutes before removing it.

But we find out better what this kind of mask consists of.

Shangpree Diamond Premium Ampoule Modeling Mask is a unique formulation that has never been used before pointing to the lightening and illuminating effect based on diamonds, flowers, charcoal, ash and more.

The Gold Premium Ampoule Modeling Mask is formed with ingredients like Gold, alginate, aloe leaf and portulaca extract, to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, moisturize and regenerate the skin, leaving it fresh, full of elasticity and vitality! Its formulation is so that it can adhere perfectly to the skin by blocking the nutrients without dripping, while also providing a comfortable feeling.



This is a moisturizing product: it provides a light refreshing touch after application, at the same time, intensely moisturizes the skin and nourishes it for a long time. You will be amazed by the amazing firming and anti-aging effect: it contains gold extract, alginate, aloe leaf and portulaca extract, with anti-aging action. It restores the elasticity of the skin, removes dead cells, dirt and highlights its structure.

Finally Black Premium Pearl Premium Ampoule Modeling Mask is the definitive cleaning treatment. Purifying, Refreshing, Shrinking on the pores, these are the 3 main functions of Black Pearl Premium Ampoule Modeling Mask that thanks to the advanced “Esthetician Formula” of Gold and Chitosan awakens your skin and your senses in a youthful glow.

“Chitosan” is one of the ingredients that erases the signs of daily pollution such as attackers on the skin while the nourishing ampoule supports the skin’s natural defenses while providing the amount of hydration necessary for healthy radiance.