New Deep Green Tea from Benton on Miloon for autumn.

Antioxidant action for winter-proof skin.

The new Cleanser and Serum from Benton’s Deep Green range, just arrived on Miloon, remind us that green tea is one of those ingredients that cannot but be part of our daily routine and beauty ritual.

The antioxidants with which it abounds protect cellular and protein structures, counteracting the action of oxygen free radicals. Applied to the skin, it makes it look younger and healthier for longer.

In fact, green tea is a real boon for the skin in autumn, when it weakens and needs extra care.  And if you drink it too, the effect is even greater.


Green Tea: The Enemy Superhero of Free Radicals:

As we wrote in our post on WOW ingredients, the cosmetic use of green tea has a very long history, rooted in the mists of time.

Here is a brief history of this miracle product.

Origin: Camellia Sinensis, native to South East Asia.
Super power: antioxidant thanks to the polyphenols (catechins) contained in the seeds.


Anti-inflammatory and soothing
Improves circulation
Protects against UV rays
Indicated for combating

Acne and dermatitis
Dark circles
Burns and sun damage

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Get a head start! Prepare your skin and ward off the dehydration of the winter months with Benton’s Deep Green Tea blend of antioxidants and hyaluronic acid.

Say goodbye to acne, ageing and fine lines. Say goodbye to healthy skin.

Benton is synonymous with sustainable and organic products, formulated to be skin and environmentally friendly. In fact, Benton’s Deep Green Tea line bases its excellence on selected ingredients:

Sourced from the Boseong region of Korea, Benton employs a species of green tea traditionally known in Asia to be an inexhaustible source of minerals, vitamins and polyphenols, promoting deep detoxification, super nourishment and antibacterial action.

And when you add to this the hydration of hyaluronic acid, the benefits increase dramatically: the balance of the skin barrier is restored and the skin increases its resilience. But that’s not all: the skin becomes smoother, cell renewal increases and spots… disappear.

Benton Deep Green Tea Serum.

Benton’s Deep Green Tea Serum is hydrating, nourishing, thanks to a prodigious mix of botanical delights and hyaluronic acid, here present in no less than three different molecular sizes for extra absorption. Enriched with the superpowers of Green Tea, this serum also has a deep soothing and calming action.

Benton Deep Green Tea Cleansing Serum is perfect for all skin types but especially for:

Sensitive and irritation-prone skin;
oily and acne-prone skin;
combination skin: iauronic acid and green tea combine to smooth and hydrate.

Benton Deep Green Tea Cleansing Foam.

Benton Deep Green Tea Cleansing Foam is a soothing, refreshing and decongesting foaming cleanser that brightens the skin with its high polyphenol content. In addition, camellia oil retains and balances moisture in the skin barrier, ensuring optimum hydration of the face throughout the day.

Benton Deep Green Tea Cleansing Foam is ideal for all skin types mainly for

sensitive and irritation-prone skin;
combination and oily skin: gently removes unwanted dirt without stripping the skin of essential moisture;
waterproof make-up: surfactants of natural origin and a slightly alkaline pH to remove impurities and stubborn make-up.

Benton Deep Green Tea Toner.

Deep Green Tea Toner is a multi-tasking toner with a strong moisturising, toning, elasticising and soothing action. It contains 53% green tea extract, hyaluronic acid, centella asiatica, black willow extract and pomegranate.

Deep Green Tea Toner is ideal for all skin types, in particular

combination and oily skin: perfectly balances the skin’s oil-water balance, defines pores, moisturises and refreshes the face;
sensitive and dry skin in need of vitality and hydration: thanks to the action of hyaluronic acid.
Are you ready to defend yourself from the threats of the advancing cold? Discover that perfect skin is possible. With Benton Deep Green Tea. Also on


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