K-BEAUTY D.I.Y: Glowing Skin with Key Beauty icicles.



Just Like Korean Stars do. Did you know  ice works wonders for dull skin. That’s why Ice facials are extremely popular in Korea. K-Vips employs morning ice facials to reduce swelling and constrict large pores without using chemical toners. This is a thing so much that even Kate Moss stated to rely on this method daily. And just guess what happens when antioxidant-goodness green tea in involved. Forget dark circles and get ready t experience a lightened and glow skin. Would you like to try it your own? We teach you how to do it. Just discover our Glowing Saturday K-Beauty D.I.Y. and get ready to shine. 

 GREEN TEA: Korean Beauty Powerful Friend.

Antioxidant-filled green tea has in immense number of  skin-benefiting enzymes, phytochemicals and amino acids. Non wonders why this is Global and   Korean Cosmetics favorite, especially when this is combined with Cryogenics, namely treatments conceived for being delivered at very low temperatures. 

Benefit of Green Tea re Countless. Infact, Not only it refreshes tired-looking Skin. It even heals facial puffiness, removes Under-eye Bags, gets rid Of pesky pimples. As we previously said Green Tea  shrinks Open Skin Pores, brightening skin’s complexion. That’s why to has a super amazing action on lightening dark circle. Last but not lest, it is a powerful weapon for warding  off acne breakouts.




But let’s now discover the recipe for this icy miracle workers. 

All you need is two cups water and two bags of green tea. In a small saucepan, bring the water to a boil on the stove. Once boiling, remove from heat and drop in the green tea bags. Let steep for 2-5 minutes. Remove tea bags from pan and pour water into an ice cube tray. Freeze for at least two hours.Once frozen, pop out as needed. Wet your face as well as the ice cube, and using a towel or washcloth to hold without freezing our fingers off, rub the ice cube in circular motions around your face. I tend to hold it on each eye for about ten seconds each, too, but you can do whatever you fancy/dare. When ice cube is almost melted or you can’t take the cold any longer, pat your face dry with a clean cloth. Done. Now get used to other people calling you Kate.