Introducing Missha Moist Layering.

Meet the Super Primer.



Missha Moist Layering is a super plus primer, designed to take care of your skin with its deep anti-wrinkle, brightening and illuminating action for a fantastic skin ready for makeup.

A routine can only be said to be complete when the skin is healthy, clean, nourished and protected, to form the optimal basis for a makeup apt to fully enhance our natural beauty. But very often we forget the primer, a category of very special products on the borderline between the universe of skincare and make-up, which prepare the skin by forming a base to be applied before make-up or even out the complexion or correct any discoloration. If, then, a primer, in addition to its basic functions can give our skin additional benefits such as a boost of hyaluronic acid to moisturize the skin in depth, and all the nourishment of a special blend of honey and gold water, you’ll understand why we’re so excited about the arrival of Missha Moist Layering Starter on miloon. You need to try it out right away.



Why Missha Moist Layering is so special? 

It’s simple: this is a multifunctional product, at your skin’s service.

In fact, while it makes makeup last longer, it also helps nourish the skin by providing a high amount of humectants that leave the skin radiant and radiant.



No wonder, Missha Moist Layering Starter employs Double Hyaluronic Acid and as much as 63% pure honey water to moisturize and provide extra, natural nourishment.

In this way, it smoothes out wrinkles and skin irregularities, while even tightening pores, creating a smooth base for makeup. Finally, with a 95% gold flake content, Missha Moist Layering Starter gives your skin a beautiful, healthy shine. The 30 ml pack is glamorous and luxurious, thanks to the gold flakes that you can see floating in the primer. Discover today… on