A. By BOM Ultra Time Return Eye Serum is an anti-aging elixir smoothes the wrinkles around the eyes, bringing hydration and firmness to dark circles in a loss of volume like a filler. Expect dark circles to be cleared and  your eyes to be awaken. Thanks A by Bom. Young Mood: ON !

A. By BOM Ultra Time Return Eye Serum is a luxurious eye treatment that provide brightening and anti-aging effects for a youthful appearance.



Formulated with botanicals extracts from the Korean Vitamins and peptides, it  replenish the skin and boost elasticity, while a well-balanced mix of organic aloe vera and green tea extracts from Jeju island prevent damaging effects of free radicals. But how can this luxury Eye Serum erase the signs of time? It all lies in its ingredients. Panthenol has a smoothing and softening effect. Meanwhile Tripeptides work as a tensor, firming and retexturising the skin. Lastly, Niacinamide delivers all the anti-aging and hydration stimulation your skin needs to be back to glow.



Application is easy, even thanks to its elegant glass bottle provided with a smart inbuilt pipette that will allow you to use it to the last drop. After cleansing, apply one drop under each eye area, and massage gently until absorbed. Use your daily skin care routine.

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