“So what is this mask kit ya’ll’ve been talking about?”
If this is what you have been thinking so far, well… this post is for you 😀

Wether you are new to the world of K-beauty and not yet familiar with sheet masks, or a total K-Beauty geek that wants to be on the loop for every new mask in the game, Mask Kit is going to be your thing.

Miloon team decided to make your life easy providing personalized mask set drafted upon your dermatological features: each set gathers 7 different kinds of sheet masks intended to satisfy all skin needs.

You might think to our mask kits like your own beauty gym membership, with a collection of products intended to work on delivering different benefits.

A kit might for example contain Blithe Intensive Abalone to moisturize, Missha Herb in Nude soothing care for calming irritation, Neogen Black Caviar Essential mask to firm up skin, along with a fistful of skin-type-specific toning and nourishing masks.