Korean skincare routine will bring your beauty regimen to another level.
The technology of Korean Beauty products is approximately 12 years ahead from rest of the world and new innovative Korean skincare products are releasing endlessly.

Even though Korean skincare routine could initially sound a bit complicated, it  could be summed up into 4 actions, namely: cleanse, exfoliate, hydrate, SPF application. KBR generally consists of 7 steps: Cleansing, Exfoliate, Toner, Essence, Serums, Moisturizing, Sunscreening. We can utterly identify night and day routine. Night routine is the one aimed at recovering skin after the stress of the whole day making possible to maximize the regenerative effect of sleep. On the other hand, the day routine is generally shorter, usually 5 steps, and is intended to prepare skin for make up and to face a whole intense new day. Don’t worry, we are here to help you to pick the best products on the market and bring you into the “Korean Skincare Routine” world.

1 STEP : Cleanser

The First and really important step is cleansing. It helps You to get rid of makeup, impurities and remains of skin care products like sunscreen or moisturizer. Well-made cleansing prepares your skin perfectly for the next steps and facilities absorption of next skin care products. Korean women use double cleansing method for perfectly clear skin. Start with oil-based cleanser to remove debris from any oil based products such as sebum, residue from moisturizers and sunscreens, pollutants and makeup. Follow with water-based cleanser to remove all the sweat, dirt and other remains. For the first cleansing part, we suggest you to try Neogen Green Tea Stick Cleanser. After first cleansing step, you should clean your face with water-based cleanser like Thank You Farmer Cleansing Water or Klairs Moist Foaming Cleanser.


2 STEP : Exfoliator

Exfoliation acts as a skin rejuvenator. It doesn’t just clean your pores, it also to peels off your dead skin cells. To get the perfect exfoliation, we suggest Neogen Bio Peel Gauze peeling. It will help bring your skin to amazing glow. As most of K-beauty products, this exfoliator is totally not aggressive. You can use it up to 3 times per week and it is perfect even for the most sensitive skin.
Should you need something a little bit stronger, why not trying
Klairs Gentle Black Sugar Facial Polish?
This by-all-means miracle product is going to bring back your baby-skin as it exfoliates your dead skin cells, moisturizes dry skin, controls black heads and excessive sebum.

3 STEP : Toner

While restoring your skin’s pH balance, toner helps to remove pollutants along with any residue from your cleansers.
It soothes and prepares your skin to absorb the following steps better. There are plenty of options to choose from: you can use simple toners like Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner. It’s a no-strings-attached product that does exactly what you expect: it preps your skin and remove excess dirt and sebum as it restores your skin’s Ph balance.
On the other hand, you can go for a multitasking toner. For example, like Son & Park Beauty Water lightly exfoliates and cleanse your skin while toning it up.

4 STEP : Essence

Although essence is the most important step for every Korean woman it is still quite a mystery in Western culture. The easiest way to define essence is first to figure out what it is not. This is not a toner, although they have a similar slip to them – in fact You don’t apply essence with the cotton pad, but you pat it onto your face. It is also not meant for cleaning. With higher doses of active ingredients, essence is meant to deliver nutrients deep into the skin after you’ve gone through the process of double cleansing. Affecting your skin on a cellular level, essence helps you get smoother and brighter skin. One of our best seller for example, Blithe Vital Treatment Essence, infuses extracts from roots, beans and seeds into your skin.
Browse our broad selection of essences and find the most suitable for your skin type.

5 STEP : Serum

Serum is highly concentrated versions of essence. They can appear in various forms. It features heavy-hitting ingredients, which can treat specific skin issues like dark spots, wrinkles and dullness. Blithe Crystal Iceplant Pressed Serum is indispensable for calming the skin by relieving stress. It also provides moisture, softness and fresh feeling to your skin. A blend of organic ingredients, liquid serum like Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Serum, replenishes your skin’s moisture levels without compromising the delicate nature of your skin. Rich Moist Soothing Serum’s formula has been recently upgraded by Klairs so it absorbs faster.

6 STEP : Mask

Sheet masks are a twice-a-week ritual, even tough the actual usage frequency basically depends on your skin type. If your skin is very dry or you need to look beautifully and fresh for a special event, you might consider to use it more often. The secret of the sheet masks? They have a powerful effect because they force your skin to absorb nutrients and moisture in a more efficient way than than if just applied a cream or serum, since  it has a lesser chance to evaporate. . Depending on you skin type or the effect you desire there’s a broad variety of masks to chose from. This is an ever-growing market and new masks are popping up every week. So trying them all is quite an hard task. That’s why we are now offering our very own MILOON SPECIAL MASK KIT: which is containing 7 masks according to your skin type.

7 STEP : Moisturizing

Right after having nourished your skin with sheet masks or your favourite serum, it’s time to put some moisturizer on. Moisturizers contains a complex mixtures of agents that help hold water in the skin after application, specially designed to make the epidermis (the external layers of the skin) softer and more pliable. Moisturizers come as a cream or its lighter counterpart, as an emulsion. Among our favorites sits LeeGeehaam Vita Propolis Cream: a honey-like yellowish cream formulated with 50% propolis extract that provides deep nourishing for revitalizing dull and tired skin. You can use it for both day and night time. Getting used to the layering state might require a bit, especially for newbies.  If this is the case an alterative option could be Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Cream, a moisturizer for night time only. Specifically designed for oily, acne-prone and sensitive skin types, this  is a gentle cream that helps to calm extremely irritated and stressed skin.

8 STEP : Sunscreen

Sunscreen is another important step. Sun damages effect directly on our skin, UV rays dry it out, break down collagen, and cause skin cancer. Even though all Korean bb creams, cushions and foundations contain high SPF protection, you still need to apply proper sunscreen. The key to successful sun protection is layering. Slathering on the SPF repeatedly during your day will best prepare your skin for facing the sun’s harmful rays and help it skin retain its youthful elasticity. There are many different sunscreens; you can always choose the best one for your skin type or needs. We will guide you through this in the next post ”Sunscreen guide”.