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Welcome to Second part of “A Tale from the Secret Garden”.

As the first part of A by Bom series, we had a look at “Ultra Floral Leaf Mask”.

Today, we would like to introduce another unique mask from A by Bom: “Ultra Cool Leaf Mask”.

Ultra Cool Leaf Mask is a 2-in-1 treatment mask that soothes, moisturizes and cools the skin. It nourishes and ensures hydration with cooling and relieving effects.
This mask works in 2 steps and has double effects at a time. In fact, it gives concentrated care for eye area while hydrating entire the face.

miloon a by bom ultra cool leaf maskblog

A1: Cool Leaves Patch.

The first step of the mask, consist in using A1, the four leaf-shaped patches. It delivers intense relief care and anti-wrinkle focus. A1 contains lemon balm, mint leaf and apple mint extracts. These ingredients have firming and lifting effect together with wrinkle-controlling benefits. You can place them anywhere you would like to give extra moisture and resilience. Think for example to places like smile lines, wrinkles, the under-eye area and any other dry spot.

A2: Ultra Cool Leaf Mask.

This step provides soothing and cooling effect through moisturizing sheet mask.

The full sheet mask goes on top of the A1 leaf-shaped patches.
Such ingredients like basil, aloe and other herbs will refresh and revitalize your skin.
This sheet mask is 100% Lyocell. This comes from cellulose extracted from trees. Natural lyocell provides a soft, silky texture and fits perfect to the skin. It lessens the irritation on skin with its better high adhesion.

Ultra Cool Leaf Mask’s key secret to restore the skin lays in its ingredients. Its greenery vegetative ingredients will relieve and hydrate the skin.


miloon a by bom ultra cool leaf maskblog

Key ingredients:

Mentha Citrata leaves: Calming effect.

Melissa officinalis leaves: Relieving, Conditioning effect.

Mentha Rotundifolia leaves: Revitalizing effect.

Origanum Majorana leaves: Cooling, Tightening rffect.

Cactus: Replenishment, Repairing effect.

Citrus fruite(Lime): Refining, Protection effect.

miloon a by bom ultra cool leaf maskblogHow to use:

– After cleansing, apply the leaf patch (A1). Apply on those parts that need intensive cares or exposed to the sun or irritated.

– Apply the Ultra cool Leaf on all over the face. (A2)

– After 10-20 minutes, take the mask off. Pat on any residue on skin.