A. by BOM 2 Step Ultra Floral Leaf Mask: Why you Love it.



2 Step Ultra Floral Leaf is an irresistibly smelly skin treat.” Here’s what our most loyal customers think of this little anti-aging prodigy that plumps and nourishes the skin by relaxing it.

2 Step Ultra Floral Leaf is a two-step working portent. This organic mask is rich in Aronia extracts that brighten the complexion, prevent wrinkles and revitalize the skin. It is characterized by being a mask to be applied in two stages, then composed of two parts for these specific moments.

The first step consists of a floral patch, the second, on the other hand is a classic sheet- mask. This treatment uses only the best mix of botanical ingredients, in order to perform the all-natural miracle of a perfect skin that blooms like in spring. Read all the review and make sure to try this little wonder for your skin… as usual, on miloon.eu

2 Step Ultra Floral Leaf: A New Generation of Skincare.

2 Step Ultra Floral Leaf belongs to a new generation of masks born from the creativity of A. by BOM. Ultra Flower Leaf Mask is a 2-in-1 deep facial treatment infused with a natural plant serum that brightens and re-plumps the skin. Among the joys of the ingredients are peach blossom infusion, which enhances the skin with nourishment and moisture; Sakura flower: a wonderfully scented flower with lightening and firming effects. Finally, is the rose extract, a refined flower that unifies the texture of the skin and illuminates the complexion.



Let’s analyze its functioning in detail.

First step “2 Step Ultra Floral Leaf: The Floral Patch”.

The package contains patches in the shape of small pink flowers, which allow a double effect, lightening and firming. Cherry and peach blossom extract stimulates hydration and nourishment of the skin, not to mention the numerous anti-wrinkle benefits. For a start, apply the patches to the skin. Start with those areas that require more attention such as cheeks, forehead, eye contour.

Second step “2 Step Ultra Floral Leaf: Ultra Leaf Floral Mask”.

Step two consists of a mask of ultra-thin tissue to be placed on the patches. This thin mask is made from 100% Lyocell, a natural cellulose-derived material, which captures the active ingredients closest to the skin and moisturizes it with flower extracts.



“2 Step Ultra Floral Leaf” – your opinions:

As usual, let’s now go to your reviews:

2 Step Ultra Floral Leaf is a skin delight with an irresistible smell:

That’s good. That’s really nice. Not to mention how it leaves the skin. That’s highly recommended.

I put on this mask yesterday and my skin literally thanked me. It’s really good moisturizer and my skin looks brighter. I highly recommend it.

Recommended for a good extra hydration and a lot, a lot of shine for my skin, when I’m tired. And that slight smell of peach… made me really fall in love 🙂



Conclusion: 2 Step Ultra Floral Leaf Mask a Gentle Treatment for All Skin Types.

Suitable for all skin types, especially dehydrated and tired skin, 2 Step Ultra Floral Leaf Mask is a real cuddle for your skin. In less than 30 minutes of application, this little wonder will bring back to its original splendor. Try it today on miloon.eu.