FRUDIA: Real fruit goes skin deep.


Looking for a better way to treat your skin from the natural ingredients?

Meet “Frudia”, the super exclusive Korean brand that revitalize and re-energize the skin in the most natural way ever.

A supercharged breed of skincare with a waterless formulas and organic fruit-derived extracts, this products’ line hydrate and nourish skin by only including ingredients full of healthy antioxidants. Formulas are packed with powerful ingredients, and leave out anything without a benefit to skin – and benefits range from fighting the signs of aging to minimizing pores. In fact, it’s not a secret that plants and fruits provide a rich repository of nutrients.

After 30 years of research, this brand made it possible to enjoy fruits in a new and exciting way in skin care. The brand’s payoff is ‘Real fruit goes skin deep’. In fact, FRUDIA employs a revolutionary technology, namely R VITA W™. It consists in extracting pure fruit juice at low temperatures without losing nutrients and vitamins in fruits. Moreover the brand utilizes the extracted juice as a base water instead of using purified water.

Frudia delivers nutrients to transform the skin and promote healthy brilliance. It takes the natural antioxidants derived from fruit to create highly nourishing products. It also has the beneficial properties of fruit to the skin with minimal nutrients’ loss. Make your skin as happy and vibrant as fruit itself with Frudia.

Frudia has 4 main lines and each of them contains different fruits extracts: Blueberry, Green Grape, Pomegranate and Citrus. Each line includes Cleansers,  Toners, Serums, Creams and a collection of sheet mask. Let’s now have a closer look at each line’s specific benefits.

Moist tightening “Blueberry”.

As one of the world’s 10 super-food, blueberry will take care of the dry skin. This line is perfect for when your skin is dry and losing its radiance. It contains 77% of blueberry extracts and offers 48 hours of hydration. It will calm and soothe skin while maintaining moisture. Anthovyanin contained in blueberries will also remove the harmful oxidants.  It is an essential set if you want to add glowing hydration to dry and rough skin.

Silky Smooth “Green Grape”.

Green line is a pore cleaner with 89% of green grape extract. Green grapes contains beneficial tannin and vitamin E. These are the key secret to rid the skin from impurities. More specifically, green grape acts on soothing control. Moreover, it Removes dead skin cells as maintaining moisture level constant all day long.  Granted you’ll be surprised by the feeling of soft skin surface and clean finish .

Nutri Tightening “Pomegranate”.

This line contains 87% of extracts from only selected pomegranate in excellent condition. It has effective anti-aging properties. Should you need nutrition that tightens up, this line will do the job. It also affects wrinkles and creates a steadfast moisture skin barrier. The polyphenol will also calm the sensitive skin. Revitalize your skin with the strong antioxidant properties of pomegranate.

Vital Brightening “Citrus”.

Need to burst the vital energy? Frudia’s Citrus is perfect to give vitalization on skin that brightens. With 86% citrus extract,  it will make the skin silky smooth with natural vitamins. It will balance the skin-tone and revitalizes the skin. Citrus line will deliver moisture, vitamins and a healthy skin glow; moreover a solid whitening function is for a clearer surface is another feature that will make you love this amazing product. For ever.