Your own skin pacemaker.



No matter what your problem is. You know Yadah Jelly Pack sheet masks is the right answer.  Thanks to the high content of high density jelly essence no more precious nutrients running down on neck. The result? You’ll feel your skin born again. Ready to experience this new feeling?

Flushed skin? Say no more. Yadah Soothing Jelly Pack mask will rapidly calm it thanks to Opuntia Ficus-Indica Extract for powerful soothing agent, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract. Dull skin? Non problem. Yadah Brightening pack will reduce irritation and boost your light levels on. It contains citrus junos fruit extract. Yadah Soothing Jelly Pack contains vitamin C which is good for protecting your skin against free radicals. Moreover, the matural plant ingredients found within will perform a miracle as providing brightening and liveliness to your skin.

Lastly, are you having skin vitality issues? Say goodbye to weak toned complexion. Discover the power of Panax Ginseng root extract: the super hero of  Yadah Revitalizing Pack. This works just great for anti-aging, toning and brightening skin. Natural plant ingredients help to provide vitality to your skin as it reduces irritation and works well for all skin types. What more can you ask to your beauty routine? Check it out now, on miloon.eu.