WHY YOU LOVE IT: May Coop Raw Sauce.



“It’s my absolute favorite product!” Here’s what thousands of enthusiastic customers think about May Coop Raw Sauce, the miraculous all-in-one maple lymph-based product that provides superior hydration, ideal for defending against the dehydration of the intense cold of the winter months. But that’s not all: healthy, bright and simply perfect skin: May Coop Raw sauce has created a stir in the world of K-Beauty for writing a new definition of glow. It is such a cross-cutting product, it even conquered a male fanbase for its practical use. If you tried it, I’m sure you’re already loving it. If you haven’t ordered it yet… what are you waiting for?

May Coop Raw Sauce is a High concentration skin essence that activates skin vitality by confining moisture and nutrients deep inside.

It is an all-in-one product. It gathers the power of and essence, toner and an emulsion in a single tiny bottle. One of K-Beauty’s fastest selling products, it has rapidly earned a cult status for its miraculous effects.

May Coop Raw Sauce’s main ingredient is maple tree sap. With a solid 93% content, maple sap is great for skin, as it deliver a better absorption, as its molecule are smaller and allows better absorption from the skin.  It’s available in the classic and travel size, for those that need this miracle-worker to be always with them. This is perfect also for the man who doesn’t want to follow all the steps of the beauty routine, but wants a plump and bright skin. 



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A lot of people love it. Let’s find out together what they say.


I really like this product. I’m new to Korean Skincare regimens and I’ve seen such an improvement with my skin in a short period of time. I have combination skin and so far all of the products I’ve tried are fast absorbing and never leave me oily and broken out!


I understand why it’s a cult favorite


This essence gives my face moisture and it makes my face feel so soft after I apply it. I use the glass skin serum right after this and it goes on better than when I didn’t use any essence. Definitely going to buy the full size next time!


May Coop is my absolute favorite product.

This stuff is an absolutely joy. It smells and feels delicious, and makes my skin look smooth and hydrated, reduced wrinkles and frown lines. Even firming? I could ditch everything else if I could just have this one product.


Love raw sauce

Feels great on skin. Increases luminosity.


Good Product

Will repurchase.

Great for added moisture

I love layering this with toners under a serum. In the humid summer a moisturizer isn’t needed only SPF. My skin has seen an improvement in texture since I started using this. Defiantly a staple in my regimen.


Raw Sauce

I have used this essence for some time now and I cannot imagine my skin care routine without it. When I realized that I was running out I began searching for my next bottle.


Multipurpose awesome sauce

Love how I can use Raw Sauce on nights that I want to give my skin an express treatment, or when I don’t need as much maintenance. I like having this one in rotation, the small size is great for travel. Product has a thicker consistency than regular toner so I end up going through it quicker than other products but still worth it for the amazing functionality


Amazing! It absorbs beautifully and

Amazing! It absorbs beautifully and keeps my skin acne-free and bright.




The BOMB!!!

This is IT right here! I have recently purchased all products required for a full Korean face regime and this is by far my favorite product. Simply because it makes my skin look and feel amazing! It’s light weight and smells nice too!


Fantastic Toner

I’ve only been using the Raw Sauce for a couple of weeks, but I’ve already seen great results. The packaging is clean and elegant, the smell is refreshing, and it feels nice the skin. It’s easy to apply as well and my skin has already been reflecting the results from only a little bit of use. Highly recommend!


Love this stuff

Love it will definitely repurchase



It’s so refreshing and leaves my skin soooo soft. I’m not sure if it’s actually doing anything, but I love using it and don’t want to run out.


So hydrating!

I received this mini bottle as the full size is temporarily out of stock. I tried it immediately and love how it hydrates my skin. I am almost 63 and cannot wait for the full size to be back in stock.


First Essence I’ve Tried & I’m Spoiled

Winter demanded something more in my skincare regime and I’ve been wanting to try this out for a while and it was definitely a good essence to start with. It’s more viscous than a toner but fast absorbing and layers well. 1-3 layers is all you need; skin is bouncy immediately.


Just great. I use it in the morning because it takes very little time while it allows me to combine the tonic/essence steps. Results are already visible after a few days: it delivers a compact and super-hydrated skin. Won’t ever go without it again.

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