It’s not a secret: a lot of Korean skincare products promote “whitening” as one of the most “in your face” benefit. This can be a bit confusing for a Western consumer. Does whitening mean bleaching your skin? Does every Korean want to be white? The answer is of course not! When it comes to Korean Skincare, whitening means a completely different thing.

So what does “Whitening” means?

Using whitening products in Korea it is very normal and popular.

As you have noticed a lot of Korean have a nice bright and glowing skin.

How do they achieve such a beautiful result?

Whitening is always confused with Bleaching. It’s more than achieving a “whiter” skin color: Koreans want their skin to glow! Whitening aims to achieve hyper pigmentation and a dull skin tone. Hyper pigmentation consists in the darkening of an area of skin and nails.  The cause relies in the eccessive melanin rate; it links to such sun injuries like sun damage, inflammation, or acne. Thus, it does not matter what your skin tone is, as anyone can enjoy using “whitening” products.

What do they actually do to your skin?

A lot of women suffer from dull and lackluster skin. Sun and modern environment like pollution can increase such conerns. Whitening products are here to fix that problem. Will lighten the pigmentation and deliver an even-up skin tone complexion. Whitening products’ ingredients block the production of pigmentation. It also helps in reducing dark spot and makes our skin tone appear even and brighter. In fact, all those whitening products increase the radiance of your skin.

New to whitening? The easiest way to bring yourself into this new skincare world is to start with sheet masks. Missha “3-step whitening mask” is an all in one mask pack that sums up essence, mask and cream in a single product.  It provides intensive whitening care thanks to the high content of vitamin C.

Another great mask for whitening is Neogen Bright Clear Fiber Mask. Made from 100% natural ingredients, this mask will brighten darkened, dull skin. At the same time it will restores your natural skin’s radiance.

For daily use why not trying Blithe Vital Treatment Essence – 9 Essential Seeds. Nine different breeds of seeds deliver brighter and lighten-up skin. Rich in vitamin C, this ideal treatment fights dark spots, uneven complexion and maintain the skin tone brighter and hydrated.

Blithe “Patting Splash Mask – Energy Yellow Citrus & Honey”  contains Citrus extracts and is thus rich in vitamin C . This will make your skin clean, bright and also vital due to hypo-allergenic care of dead skin cell. You will be able to see the miracle after 15 seconds!

Make sure to try these products as K-beauty’s idea of “whitening” has nothing to do with your skin color. It’s an important effect to target to have a beautiful and youthful skin.