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If you are already into K-beauty, you know how important is cleansing as the very first step of the routine.
If you are reading K-words, by now you must be familiar with Double Cleansing.
It’s all about starting with oil-based cleanser to remove impurities such as makeup, pollutants and sunscreens. This step is then followed by cleanse with water-based products, to remove the rest of the debris such as sweat and dirt. On the other had if you are a newbie, don’t worry, check out our blog post “Cleansing – How
To”, to get all the introduction you need.
Double Cleansing will prevent blemishes and make your skin ready for the following skincare routine: are you ready to deep dive in?

Elevate your Double Cleansing Game to an all-nee level with our new cleansing products just landed on Please welcome “From The Black Cleansing Oil Gel Foam” and “From The Black No-Wash Cleansing Water”.
These are both produced from Korean brand A’pieu. This manufacturer is famous for using effective ingredients to restoring skin’s pure energy.

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From The Black Cleansing Oil Gel Foam.

This is all-in-one cleansing oil based on natural ingredients. This oil gel foam has Double Cleansing and gentle exfoliate effect.
It removes dead skin cells and impurities in one easy step. Also it provides rich moisture and nutrition while cleans our skin.

Extracts from Black rice, black sesame and black beans keep the skin always hydrated. Moreover it increases and regenerates the collagen on our skin cells.

If you like to wear make up and always employ waterproof products, you must use extra waterproof makeup remover before the actual cleansing step.

“Cleansing Oil Gel Foam” will change your cleansing routine completely. It will remove all the heavy makeup you wear. Unlike other oil cleansing products, this cleanser is not a heavy oily product. Your skin will be clean and fresh without greasiness and stickiness.

How to use.

1. Apply moderate amount of oil on dry skin.

2. Spread all over the face and massage

3. Apply water on the face. This will turn itself into foam cleanser.

4. Rinse it off with warm water.

From The Black No-Wash Cleansing Water.

The second Double Cleansing step consists in using  A’pieu cleansing water. This is a mild pH balanced water-based cleanser that works fine without water. Not sure what is cleansing water exactly? Please make sure to read our blog post “What is cleansing water?” .
From The Black No-Wash Cleansing Water contains baobab extract, which helps keeping moisture after cleansing.

Africa native’s traditional cleanser ‘Black Soap’ inspires both cleaning oil and water. Shea butter, coconut oil and cacao shell powder will remove all types of skin impurities in a deep way.

How to use.

1. Pump 2 -3 times of cleansing water onto cotton pad.

2. Wipe out in a gentle way keeping outward direction following the skin texture.

3. Press for 5~10 seconds where make up is sitting and wipe it out.


Both products are gentle, hypoallergenic and made with natural ingredients. Even for sensitive skin type, these cleansing formulas will sooth-irritated skin. Guaranteed that your skin will obtain a natural, beautiful glow after first use. Now available on!