The Masks for… Extra Purification.

Cleansing Meets Hydration for Healthy Skin in 20 Minutes.



Mission Purification. With Exfoliation and Hydration, the Cleansing was one of three mantras of the month of September to get the so-called Post Facial Glow, that widespread glow as if just come out of a session at the beautician. Healthy further delays, we celebrate the Mask Monday at its best, with a selection of masks that combine high technology and botanical research, for healthy and clean skin. Browse the selection and remember, on you are one click away from a perfect skin.

Perfect Skin? No Problem.

Purifying the skin is a fundamental operation because it means freeing it from toxins and bacteria that accumulate daily on its surface. In recent days we have seen how important deep cleansed skin is, not to arise in those annoying and unsightly skin problems and allow the optimal absorption of the steps that follow the initial cleaning.


As we said, having skin problems is to cleanse it thoroughly every day, inserting a purifying treatment in your daily beauty routine. Oily skin, blackheads and pimples can be caused by excessive production of oils and impurities, which can generate irritation and undermine the skin’s balance, tone and complexion.

As usual, a mask is always the right answer. In just 20 minutes, this gesture of love for our skin, can help make a difference, giving a decidedly healthy appearance. Let’s see then 3 purifying masks that can make a difference.

Pibu Green Tea Purifying Clay Mask.



Green Tea Purifying Clay Mask is a purification-purposed clay mask based on green tea, a valuable aid for skin with imperfections. Again, Pibu leaves nature with the arduous task of performing the miracle… and he does it really well. In fact, the clay absorbs excess oils, removes impurities and cleanses the rashes, giving the skin a balanced and opaque appearance, cleaning and shrinking the pores without drying the skin.

A’ Pieu Pore Deep Clear Gray Mud.



Deep Clear Gray Mud is a peel-off cleansing mask that maximizes the purification effect of Brazilian clay, a simply fantastic ingredient to absorb excess sebum and remove dead skin. Deep Clear Gray Mud shows us that purifying also means nourishing the skin: In fact, this mask contains kaolin (80,000 ppm), a rich source of micronutrients. Effectively absorbs impurities, sebum and tightens dilated pores, perfect for oily and sensitive skin. In addition, Eoseongcho extract and dark berry extract strengthen the skin’s protective barrier and smoothen it, thanks to the high content of antioxidants.

Missha 3 Steps Purifying Mask.



Missha 3 Steps Purifying Mask is a perfect mask for oily and mixed skins, which, enclosing the action of an essence, a mask and a peeling gel, is perfect for declaring war on enlarged pores.

This product is effective in three steps: In the first scrub gel, it exfoliates the dead skin, then it is the moment of the essence, which purifies and nourishes the skin. Finally, the cotton mask has a cleansing action and tightens dilated pores. Et voilà: perfect post facial skin is served.


Purification requires continuous care and attention to avoid having problems. If then, as with these masks we can also give other benefits, we can really aspire to have that healthy skin that we dream so much. Look  up for these little gems on miloon, make your skin happy.