TESTED FOR YOU: Miloon Silk Sleeping Mask.


Miloon silk sleeping mask


Hi everyone! It’s Giulia aka (@skinchan_skincare) here.

I had the chance to try the silk sleeping mask from Miloon and today I’m gonna tell you my impressions about it. Are you curious? Then keep reading the article 😉


This silk mask is the key to the perfect beauty sleep. It protects the eyes from the light, stimulating melatonin production, while it contrasts the forming of wrinkles, dark circles and fine lines.

It’s made with silk, usually used in Asia for its nourishing properties. In fact, during the night, our skin tends to dehydrate and silk it’s the perfect material to keep the hydrating levels high. But silk has other properties too! It helps the skin to regenerate faster and soothe even the most sensitive and irritated skin.

Using this mask will keep your skin wrinkles and dark circles free while helping you to have the best sleep you can.


I usually sleep very late and I wake up several times during the night, so I have dark circles and puffiness under my eyes.


The first days I tried this mask I wasn’t really used to have something pressing on my face while sleeping, so I was kinda disappointed with this product,  but I kept using it and now I can’t sleep if I don’t put it on my face.

I love how soft and silky it is and I also love how my skin feels warm and protected while I use it. I have noticed a great improvement on my dark circles, also because the mask allows all the products I use on my under eye area (oils and creams) to absorb better during the night.

I really like the quality of this mask. The silk used is incredibly soft and the mask has a nice

shape that will fit every size of face.

I also love how handy it is! I can bring it everywhere and it will definitely be in my bag when I’ll fly to Korea for my next travel.




Nothing. Once you get used to it, you really can’t sleep without it.


I used this mask for a while and I noticed great improvements not only on my skin, but also on the quality of my sleep. I usually woke up several times during the night, especially in the early morning, when light penetrates through the windows of my room. Thanks to this mask I’m really having the best sleep of my life!


It’s Giulia here (@skinchan_skincare on IG).
I’m a 25 years old girl currently living in Milan, who spent her last 5 years studying Japanese (I also lived in Japan for a while). I’ve always been interested in asian skincare (mostly korean skincare – sorry Japan) and I like to call myself “skincare guinea pig”, because I love testing new products and review them on my IG page.