TESTED FOR YOU: Mask Kit Glow.



This week Miloon launched “Glow”, the newest mask kit in the line for perfect skin and dewey, collecting seven Korean masks in a metallic case with a glam taste. “Glow” joins the already beloved “Clear” and “Young”, designed to restore the original conditions of the skin by working respectively to enhance its cleanliness and anti-ageing effect.

Since the opening of the online store in 2018, Miloon has introduced the concept of mask kit to spread the importance of the Korean fabric mask and celebrate its centrality in every beauty ritual, offering seven beauty masks specifically assorted for each skin type. Our founder Milena tried the seven beauty masks and shared her impressions with us.

What does “Glow” mean?



Glow” from the Again line: a selection of seven beauty masks designed to restore the natural radiance of the skin.

“Glow” is the English term for the property of a surface to create the illusion of giving off its own light and is synonymous with healthy, radiant, uniformly toned skin and embodies the ideal of perfect skin to which every respectable beauty regime tends.

What is Miloon’s “Glow” mask kit?

The Miloon Mask kit is the perfect combination of style and performance. In fact, the masks of “Glow” are selected among the best Korean cosmetic brands such as Pibu Beauty, A By Bom, HungJiSoo, Hello Skin and are collected in a special pink gold metal case.

All masks are strictly produced in Korea and are characterized by being smart and high performance cosmetics, which allow you to see visible results right away. Using only active ingredients of natural origin, the masks selected by Miloon are characterized by ‘high technology in the production and extraction of ingredients, always cruelty free and in line with Italian and European regulations.

Who is the “Glow” mask kit addressed to?



Loss of radiance, elasticity and dehydration of the skin are among the main causes that prevent a beauty routine from achieving the “glass skin” effect. Miloon’s “Glow” Mask Kit is designed to restart brightness, tone and quench your skin’s thirst, regardless of skin type.

In fact, even oily skin can be dehydrated, the pores can be more visible and the skin can seem dull and lifeless.  In short, all “Glow” masks are able to improve your skin in a few days. Thanks to their active ingredients, all masks are able to level skin tone, illuminate and firm it.

Mask Kit Glow: The impression of Milena.

My experience.

After using only one mask, I can see the benefits. I used the mask kit “Glow” for about 2 weeks: a mask every other day.

After only a week of use I have already noticed results. The skin is much more elastic, smooth and luminous. After two weeks of use my skin has a more uniform color, some small stains have lightened, some even disappeared.

When I touch my skin, I can see its compactness, the so-called “bouncy effect”. I’m really satisfied. I have the same skin I had as a child. Even without makeup my skin is bright and healthy and has the complexion and texture that a healthy skin should have.

The fantastic thing about this kit is that all masks are suitable for all skin types. There is no risk of running into a mask that may not be appropriate to our skin. I’m talking about the type of skin, even that problematic tendencies to imperfections. In fact, none of the masks created problems: no pimples, irritations… nothing at all.



My verdict.

All masks of the mask kit “Glow” have left my skin calm, silky and radiant. This mask kit is a perfect treatment for spring skincare period and the transition from winter to summer to have a shiny skin. At the end of the treatment you can decrease the foundation and the high liter because you can count on a really fantastic skin and you will not need anything else to shine. If you have never been able to understand the concept of “glow” at the base of skincare, just see your skin after the seven masks of this wonderful mask kit. The mask kit “Glow” by Miloon is a great kit to try absolutely. A cuddle for us or a gift for friends and special someone.

Milena’s impressions confirm that perfect skin is possible with the “Glow” mask kit by miloon.  It is possible to obtain what Korean women consider a dream skin, the so-called “Glass Skin”, which basically translates into a skin without pores and dew enriched by a shine and a luminescent finish. You don’t have to try. Order the Mask Kit “Glow” now and remember… the only, unique and original mask kit is an exclusive miloon. Be wary of imitations 🙂