TESTED FOR YOU: Huangjisoo Centella Repairing Mask. Freshness to love.



“Rich in amazing ingredients “and “awesome results”. This is what Milena wrote about her experience about Huangjisoo Centella Repairing Mask, the new sensational hi-performance beauty masks that just landed on miloon.eu.

Few days ago, we introduced Huangjisoo, the super performative sheet mask that combines organic ingredients and employs Curpra to increase the adherence and promote better absorption.

Huangjsoo, a revolutionary new K-Beauty brand born from the love for every living being, whose products are so hi-tech and completely natural, they redefined a whole new concept of clean, cruelty free and 100% organic ideal of cosmetics. And the result is just incredible. Just think that each mask contains a mushroom extract capable of providing a hydration content 120% higher than hyaluronic acid.



Huangjisoo is a brand born out of love. Among all living beings. The brand was developed by Dr. Huang Ji Soo, who was looking for a cure for an extremely severe form of a severe acne that had affected her mother. To do so, he oriented his research towards products of executive botanical origin, enhanced by the latest technology to increase its effectiveness without impacting on the environment and respecting every living being.

This week we’ll be reviewing the Repairing Mask. Containing Centella extract rom Jeju Island and restores skin by reducing fine lines and the appearance of pores. 


This mask based on Centella extract obtained from the island of Jeju, restores the skin by reducing fine lines and the size of the pores.
Ceramide, on the other hand, helps protect dry skin from external irritation.

Among the main ingredients we find the Asian Centell, the Ceramide, the extract of flowers of Chamomile recites Matricaria. Centella asiatica extract helps soothe the skin and relieve irritation. Ceramide, on the other hand, provides moisture and improves dry, rough skin, while the flower extract of Chamomile Recutita (Matricaria) helps to visibly reduce the size of the pores.




The mask has pleasant scent, not artificial at all. 


Huangjisoo repairing mask is really delicate on the skin, and you can feel how it is nourishing and full of good stuff for your skin. The mask is made using Skin Fit Cura Sheet. It has very fine texture and can feel like “the second skin”. It is super tightly attached to the face as if it is custom-made to the bending of the face, resulting in a soft and silky feel, as this improve the nutrients absorption. 


Combination sensitive (with some sensitive skin characteristics)

I used this mask in the period when my skin was dehydrated and not looking really good. It was dull and lifeless. Because of many flights, changing places, water, temperature your skin might go crazy sometimes and you don’t really know what to do. I have to say that I felt in love with Huangjisoo mask already when I tried the Broccoli ones, the centella repairing mask just confirmed my feelings for those masks. It’s really easy to use. After cleansing, place the mask on your face, and gently press. Leave on for 15 to 20 minutes, then remove gently and massage remaining essence into skinBasically, there are just less than 20 minutes between you and a perfect skin.




– Sheet texture, how it adheres to the skin

– Rich in natural ingredients 

– ZERO harmful ingredients 

– It doesn’t irritate my skin at all

– Delicate, pleasant scent

– Full of thick essence

– The essence is well absorbed, your skin just “drinks it up”

– leaves your skin soft, calm, and gives glow

– Just love love love, one of my favorite masks ever! 


– This time I have nothing to say at this point. Just love for a brand born out of love.


Just incredible! Huangjisoo repairing mask is full of essence, really hydrating, your skin just “drinks up” all those goodness with pleasure. You can see your skin bouncy and glowing after taking the sheet off. Your pores are less visible and your skin just looks good again! To all the sheet mask lovers: you must ry the Huangjisoo sheet masks and experience the effects that they give you. It is incredible how they can feed your skin with all natural ingredients. These masks are cruelty free and definitely suitable for the so-called clean, vegan-friendly lifestyle, which is definitely another plus. Try it soon.